Discover How Carlene Carter Welcomes Beyonce to the Country Music Fold

Carlene Carter Welcomes Beyonce to the Country Music Fold

Carlene Carter Welcomes Beyonce to the Country Music Fold

In a harmonious collision of musical worlds, country music veteran Carlene Carter extends a warm embrace to Beyoncé as she ventures into the heart of country sounds with her latest album, “Cowboy Carter.”

The Legacy of the Carters: Carlene Carter Welcomes Beyonce

Carlene Carter, daughter of the legendary June Carter Cash and stepdaughter of Johnny Cash, hails from a lineage steeped in country music history. The Carter Family, often dubbed the “first family of country music,” left an indelible mark on the genre. Their pioneering contributions, spanning generations, continue to resonate.

She said:

“I’ve caught wind of some negativity over the release of Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter, her new country album,” Carter said. “As a Carter Girl myself and coming from a long line of Carter Girls, I’m moved to ask why anyone would treat a Carter this way? She is an incredibly talented and creative woman who obviously wanted to do this because she likes country music, In my book, she’s one of us Carter women and we have always pushed the boundaries by trying whatever music we felt in our hearts and taking spirit-driven risks.”

Carlene Carter Welcomes Beyonce to the Country Music Fold

“Carter” is Beyoncé’s married surname, which she uses in the album title. But it’s also a name associated with decades of country history, given the immense impact of the Carter Family and their musical dynasty. The Carters first began recording in the 1920s, earning particular notice for Maybelle Carter’s guitar skills and helping to define the sound of country music. They were eventually dubbed the “first family of country music.”

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The family’s influence grew with the musical careers of Maybelle’s daughters, Helen, Anita, and June, the latter of whom gained particular fame for her marriage to and many collaborations with Johnny Cash. The line continues today with the work of Carlene, Laura Cash, and John Carter Cash.

Carlene Carter Welcomes Beyonce to the Country Music Fold

Now, Carlene is welcoming Beyoncé into the musical tradition of the Carter family. “I am here to let Beyoncé and all those nay-sayers know that I admire and love her and all she does,” she continued. “I am delighted to know that Carter spunk is in her just like it’s been through nearly 100 years of us Carters choosing to follow our hearts, hearts that are filled with love not just for country music but for all kinds of music.”

Beyoncé’s Country Odyssey

Carlene Carter Welcomes Beyonce to the Country Music Fold

Beyoncé’s decision to explore country music isn’t a mere dalliance. With her album “Cowboy Carter,” she dives headfirst into the genre, weaving her signature artistry with twangy melodies and heartfelt storytelling. The album title cleverly combines her married surname, Carter, with a nod to her husband, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.

A Warm Welcome

Carlene Carter Welcomes Beyonce to the Country Music Fold

Carlene Carter, no stranger to pushing musical boundaries, stands firmly in Beyoncé’s corner. She acknowledges the negativity surrounding the album’s release but swiftly counters it. In her eyes, Beyoncé is a fellow Carter woman, driven by creativity and a genuine love for country music. Carlene’s statement resonates:

“Here’s a warm welcome to the Carter Girl Club! It’s only a matter of time before those nay sayers become Bey sayers.”

Beyoncé’s Impact

Beyoncé’s singles from the album, including “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages,” have already made waves. She became the first Black female artist to top the Hot Country Songs and Hot 100 Chart with a country song. Her exploration of country music isn’t just a footnote—it’s a bold chapter in her musical journey.

Carlene Carter Welcomes Beyonce to the Country Music Fold

I think people are going to be surprised because I don’t think this music is what everyone expects,” Beyoncé said in a recent press release. “But it’s the best music I’ve ever made.”

As Beyoncé rides into the sunset of country melodies, she carries the torch passed down by the Carters. The genre expands its horizons, and fans eagerly await the full symphony of “Cowboy Carter.”

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