Best Comedy Series on Apple TV Plus Right Now

Comedy Series on Apple TV Plus

Apple TV+ produces top-notch shows by combining genres and offering a diverse range of programming. You can find bittersweet comedies like Ted Lasso, murder mysteries like The Afterparty, mind-bending psychological thrillers like Shining Girls, and prestige dramas such as Masters of the Air and Pachinko on Apple TV+. 

Here are the must-watch Comedy series on Apple TV Plus that you have to stream right now.

Best Comedy Series on Apple TV Plus Right Now

Palm Royale (2024)

Best Comedy Series on Apple TV+ Right Now

It takes you on a deep dive into the 1969 Palm Beach elite, where scandal simmered hotter than pool water. Our heroine, Maxine, infiltrates the party with nothing but ambition and a smile that could charm a shark. Becoming one of them wasn’t just about money. They craved exclusivity, a velvet rope, but a thousand times more ruthless. Will Maxine sacrifice everything to fit in? “Palm Royale” exposes the glittering façade, revealing affairs hotter than the Florida sun and betrayals sharper than a stiletto. Crazy fact: some families literally bought their way in!

Ted Lasso (2020 – Present)

Best Comedy Series on Apple TV+ Right Now

You have to believe in yourself, even against the odds. That’s the heart of Ted Lasso, a feel-good comedy created by Bill Lawrence and Jason Sudeikis (you know, the SNL guy). An American football coach who needs to learn about soccer leads a struggling English Premier League team. Everyone doubts him, but Ted’s secret weapon is optimism. He rallies the team with his folksy charm and unwavering belief, proving that winning isn’t everything. It’s about heart, teamwork, and maybe some homemade biscuits. Trust me, this show will surprise you. It’s funny, heartwarming, and leaves you rooting for the underdog.

LOOT (2022)

Best Comedy Series on Apple TV+ Right Now

Matt Hubbard and Alan Yang directed it, which has received two wins and five nominations for awards. The story goes like this: After ending her 20-year-long marriage, Molly Novak gets an $87 billion settlement and must now figure out how to move on with her life. She decides to focus on her charitable foundation and reconnect with the world around her. Along the way, Molly discovers more about herself and her place in the world. 

Acapulco (2021)

Best Comedy Series on Apple TV+ Right Now

It’s a funny coming-of-age story in both Spanish and English, set in the vibrant 1980s Acapulco.

Acapulco (2021) follows Máximo, a young Mexican chasing his dream job at a fancy Acapulco resort. But luxury isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Backstabbing co-workers, crazy guests, and a strict social ladder threaten Máximo’s dream. Will his charm and ambition help him rise, or will the pressure make him reconsider?

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Still Up (2023 – Present)

Best Comedy Series on Apple TV+ Right Now

Join Lisa (Antonia Thomas) and Danny (Craig Roberts) on their sleepless nights in the charming series “Still Up.” Despite never meeting in person, they engage in profound conversations, exploring life’s biggest questions. The palpable chemistry between Thomas and Roberts creates a unique and captivating story. Director John Addis skillfully portrays the nuances of their relationship, contrasting it with their interactions with others. Packed with clever jokes, this comedy uncovers the humor hidden within life’s challenges and difficult moments. 

Strange Planet (2023 – Present)

Best Comedy Series on Apple TV+ Right Now

“Strange Planet” draws inspiration from Nathan W. Pyle’s webcomic, skillfully expanding upon the concept of humanoid aliens attempting to comprehend human culture. Co-produced by Dan Harmon (known for “Rick and Morty”), the series presents a delightful world filled with wholesome moments. It cleverly highlights the absurdity of everyday activities, such as flying on an airplane, enjoying a drink, or indulging in sports betting. The animation preserves the comic’s unique art style while incorporating Harmon’s touch to ensure a cohesive and entertaining viewing experience in each half-hour episode.

The Afterparty (2022–2023)

Best Comedy Series on Apple TV+ Right Now

Get ready for a thrilling ride as former classmates gather for a high school reunion in the series “The Afterparty.” The event takes a dark turn when the host, Hollywood star Xavier (played by Dave Franco), is discovered dead, the victim of an apparent murder. Detective Danner (portrayed by Tiffany Haddish) arrives to investigate, questioning each guest about their recollection of the night’s events. 

Secrets reveal to the classmates why they despised Xavier. Season 2 follows Danner as she probes a wedding, unraveling a fresh cast of characters and a deceased groom. Created by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, “The Afterparty” combines humor, surprises, and imaginative storytelling techniques, blending elements of animation, musicals, horror, action, and romantic comedy. Prepare for an entertaining mix of laughs, discoveries, and creative twists as Danner races against time to uncover the truth behind Xavier’s murder.

Platonic (2023 – Present)

Best Comedy Series on Apple TV+ Right Now

Platonic (2023) explores the complexities of rekindled friendship. Former best friends Sylvia and Will reconnect after years apart, both facing challenges in midlife. Their renewed bond reignites, offering much-needed support. But the line between friendship and romance blurs, causing chaos in their personal lives. Can they navigate this intense connection without jeopardizing their newfound friendship?

High Desert (2023 – Present)

Best Comedy Series on Apple TV+ Right Now

High Desert, from co-creators Nancy Fichman, Katie Ford, and Jennifer Hoppe, is a delightful show featuring award-winning actors. Peggy’s life takes a sharp turn in the desolate beauty of California’s high desert. Fresh out of rehab and grieving her mother, she seeks a fresh start. But the quiet desert town holds its secrets. Driven by a desire for justice, Peggy throws herself into a new career as an unconventional private investigator. Can she navigate the unforgiving landscape, both physical and personal, as she unravels the mysteries that bind this tight-knit community?

The Big Door Prize (2023 – Present)

Best Comedy Series on Apple TV+ Right Now

Prepare to be captivated by “The Big Door Prize,” a 10-episode series based on M. O. Walsh’s novel. Executive producer and writer David West Read, known for his work on “Schitt’s Creek,” skillfully brings the book’s themes to life. The story revolves around a mysterious and enchanting machine that reveals the true potential and destinies of its users. As the small-town residents grapple with this newfound knowledge, their lives are thrown into a profound existential crisis. Witness their transformative journey as they gain confidence, reevaluate their lives, and embrace their authentic selves. 

Shrinking (2023 – Present)

Best Comedy Series on Apple TV+ Right Now

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the comedy series “Shrinking,” brought to you by Brett Goldstein and Bill Lawrence from “Ted Lasso,” along with the talented Jason Segel from “How I Met Your Mother,” who also stars in the show. “Shrinking” takes an unexpected and heartfelt approach to humor, following a therapist who, in the midst of his grief, abandons conventional expectations and starts speaking his mind to his clients. 

Throughout the first season, we witness the profound impact this new perspective has on both his patients and himself. The series features an impressive cast, including Harrison Ford, Jessica Williams, Lukita Maxwell, and Luke Tennie, adding depth and warmth to the comedic moments. Get ready for a comedy with heart in “Shrinking.”

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