10 Best Psychological Thrillers on Netflix

Psychological Thrillers

Netflix offers a treasure trove of psychological thrillers that will leave you breathless. From chilling tales of suspense to jaw-dropping twists, these films keep viewers on the edge of their seats, questioning reality and their perceptions.

Let’s dive into the intriguing world of psychological thrillers on Netflix.

Here are the 10 Best Psychological Thrillers on Netflix.

10 Best Psychological Thrillers on Netflix.


Psychological Thrillers

Rating: 6.4/10

Director: Federico D’Alessandro

Cast: Maika Monroe, Ed Skrein, Gary Oldman

Plot: Julia, a young woman, wakes up imprisoned in a futuristic house controlled by an AI named Tau. She must outwit the AI’s deadly games and uncover its dark secrets to escape. As Julia navigates the high-tech prison, she discovers the true purpose behind her captivity and the horrifying experiments conducted by her captor.


Psychological Thrillers

Rating: 6.4/10

Director: Brad Anderson

Cast: Sam Worthington, Lily Rabe, Stephen Tobolowsky

Plot: Ray Monroe rushes his injured wife and daughter to a hospital after a car accident. But Ray descends into a nightmarish conspiracy when they vanish without a trace. The hospital staff denies any knowledge of his family, and Ray’s sanity fractures as he uncovers disturbing secrets. Is he losing his mind, or is there a sinister cover-up?

“The Call”

Psychological Thrillers

Rating: 6.7/10

Director: Chung-Hyun Lee

Cast: Park Shin-Hye, Jeon Jong-Seo, Kim Sung-Ryung

Plot:  Seo-yeon, a 911 operator, receives a call from a distressed woman named Young-sook. The twist? Young-sook is living in the past, and their phone connection transcends time. As Seo-yeon tries to prevent Young-sook’s tragic fate, she becomes entangled in a chilling mystery that defies the boundaries of time and reality.

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“The Girl on the Train”

Psychological Thrillers

Rating: 6.5/10

Director: Ribhu Dasgupta

Cast: Parineeti Chopra, Aditi Rao Hydari, Kirti Kulhari

Plot: Mira Kapoor, an alcoholic divorcee, obsessively watches a couple from her train window. When the wife goes missing, Mira becomes a key witness. But her unreliable memories and alcohol-induced blackout complicate the investigation. As she pieces together the events leading up to the disappearance, Mira realizes everyone has secrets, including herself.

“Bird Box”

Psychological Thrillers

Rating: 6.6/10

Director: Susanne Bier

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich

Plot: In a post-apocalyptic world, unseen entities drive people to madness and suicide if they lay eyes on them. Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, blindfolds herself and her children as they navigate a treacherous river to safety. Along the way, they encounter other survivors, face internal conflicts, and grapple with the question: What is more dangerous—the outside world or their fears?

“Fatal Affair”

Psychological Thrillers

Rating: 4.4/10

Director: Peter Sullivan

Cast: Nia Long, Omar Epps, Stephen Bishop

Plot: Ellie Warren’s seemingly perfect life turns dark when an old college friend, David, reenters her life. Their passionate affair quickly turns dangerous, and David becomes increasingly obsessed. As secrets unravel, Ellie must protect her family from a man who knows too much—the line between love and obsession blurs, leading to a deadly confrontation.

“The Platform”

Psychological Thrillers

Rating: 7/10

Director: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia

Cast: Ivan Massagué, Zorion Eguileor, Antonia San Juan

Plot: In a vertical prison called “The Pit,” inmates are assigned to levels. Each day, a platform loaded with food descends from the top to the bottom. Those on higher levels feast, leaving little for those below. Goreng, a new inmate, must survive the brutal hierarchy, confront his morality, and challenge the system. The platform becomes a metaphor for societal inequality and human nature.

“The Woman in the Window”

Psychological Thrillers

Rating: 5.7/10

Director: Joe Wright

Cast: Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore

Plot: Dr. Anna Fox, an agoraphobic child psychologist, spies on her neighbors from her New York City apartment. When she witnesses what appears to be a crime in the house across the street, her fragile reality unravels. As paranoia grips her, Anna questions her sanity, the truth behind the mysterious woman she saw, and the secrets hidden behind closed doors.

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Psychological Thrillers

Rating: 5.1/10

Director: Alistair Legrand

Cast: Vinessa Shaw, Kevin Rahm, India Eisley

Plot:  Dr. Jane Mathis, a psychiatrist recovering from a traumatic attack, takes on a new patient, Alex. Alex exhibits symptoms similar to Jane’s own PTSD, and their sessions become increasingly intense. As Jane delves into Alex’s troubled past, she realizes that their connection goes beyond doctor-patient boundaries—the line between sanity and madness blurs, leading to a chilling climax.

“The Occupant”

Psychological Thrillers

Rating: 6.3/10

Director: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor

Cast: Javier Gutiérrez, Mario Casas, Bruna Cusí

Plot: Javier Muñoz, a successful advertising executive, loses his job and spirals into financial ruin. Obsessed with reclaiming his former life, he stalks the new occupants of his old apartment. Javier infiltrates their lives, manipulating their relationships and unraveling their secrets. But his obsession turns dark, leading to a deadly game of cat and mouse.

These psychological thrillers explore the depths of the human psyche, deception, and survival. Each film offers a unique twist, leaving viewers questioning reality and their perceptions. These films offer suspense, mind-bending twists, and psychological exploration. Enjoy the thrill! 🎥🔍

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