All About John Wick 5 Release Date, Trailer and Cast

All About John Wick 5 Release Date, Trailer and Cast

All About John Wick 5 Release Date, Trailer and Cast

Being one of the most famous series in America, John Wick has managed to earn millions of dollars worldwide. Now, the retired assassin is all set to come back on your television screens with Chapter 5.

Along with the announcement, a lot of predictions and rumors have started regarding the makings. However, this article will reveal all the much-awaited information, such as the John Wick 5 release date, trailer, and cast, from the most reliable sources.

All About John Wick 5 Release Date, Trailer and Cast

Let’s begin.

All about John Wick 5

John Wick Release Date

The upcoming chapter of John Wick will be the Ana de Armas-led spinoff, with the story focussing on the plot between chapters. Hence, it reveals the backstories of multiple characters, introduces new characters and deepens the overall series plot. However, the franchise has not announced the official date. It was due to be released on June 7, 2024.

Due to unknown technicalities and reasons, the franchise has dropped the idea. Now, viewers can expect the amazing series to hit their screen between and 2025. Authorities have declared the reason for such a huge delay as a timespan to improve the storyline and screenplay.

All About John Wick 5 Release Date, Trailer and Cast

Furthermore, Stahelsi stated that “I have notebooks and notebooks of shit behind me, John Wicks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. We have ideas for days”. Thus informing the viewers that they might need to wait for a longer time than in previous installments.

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Previous Hints and Uncertainty:

Even before the release of John Wick: Chapter 4, there were rumors and rumblings about John Wick 5. While unconfirmed at the time, Lionsgate has now revealed their plans for another chapter in the franchise.

Director Chris Stahelski expressed interest in continuing the saga, although the exact story for John Wick 5 is still being developed. Stahelski remains open to new ideas that could ignite the creative process.

John Wick 5 Cast

The foremost and the biggest reason for franchise success remains none other than John Wick himself- the titular character. Fans can celebrate the arrival of beloved actor Keanu Reeves, who played John Wick in the series. At the same time, McShane will also be returning as the continental owner of Winstone, while Laurence Fishburn will comprise the role of Bowery King as well.

However, Lance Reddick has confirmed that he won’t be coming back into the series as Charon after his character got killed in the last movie. Nevertheless, sources declare that the men might be having cameos in the film in flashbacks or the memories of the characters.

Chances of other significant characters, such as Donnie Yen, returning are high after the sources declare her character would be surviving the attack done by Rina Sawayama in the fourth film. However, it’s hard to predict if she will be back or if the news is nothing else but a rumor.

Rina Shamier Anderson might also return as the tracker. However, it needs to be clarified whether it would be a permanent comeback or limited to flashbacks and memories only.

There will be some new additions to the overall storyline as well, which will open the gate to some new faces. Sources suggest the inclusion of new yet renowned faces such as Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland, and Tom Hiddleston, adding some new twists and turns to the overall plot. However, it is unclear if these additions would be made because the writers are making major changes in the pre-written storyline.

John Wick 5 Storyline

The majority of news and rumors are circulating about the upcoming storyline. Although the storyline still would be one would be a sequel of chapters 3 and 4, multiple characters and plot twists would be revealed from flashbacks and other sources. The whole series started with a widower who was brought to retirement after some goons killed his pet and cherished the car. Thus officially starting off the journey of a never-scared man.

The action-packed performance of the cast, especially Keanu Reeves led the series to become one of the most-watched movie franchises of their respective release years. At the end of chapter 4, John Wick almost looks dead. Even his grave is also situated just next to the grave of his wife.

All About John Wick 5 Release Date, Trailer and Cast

Nevertheless, the show technically never revealed the body or the dead face. The possibilities of characters for the following movies are endless, which can give the story amazing plot tests. One possibility is that John faked his death so that he could finally be free to accomplish his goals.

In his interview, Stahelski even stated that they had different versions of the movie ending, which can show the survival of the main character.

John Wick 5 trailer

The trailer is the first sneak peek of any movie about its plot. However, as the filming of the fifth installment had yet to start, the question about watching for the release of the trailer remains irrelevant.

It is expected to be released two months before the arrival of the fifth franchise, revealing the new addition to the storyline as well as the cast. At the same time, the promo would shed light upon the brought-back character John Wick in his own unique and enchanting style.

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