Discover How Aulii Cravalho Is Returning to Disney for ‘Moana 2’.

Discover How Aulii Cravalho Is Returning to Disney for ‘Moana 2’.

Aulii Cravalho Is Returning to Disney for ‘Moana 2’

Auli’i Cravalho, the talented actress who lent her voice to the beloved Polynesian princess in Disney’s 2016 animated hit Moana, is officially set to return for the highly anticipated sequel, Moana 2. The news was confirmed by both Cravalho herself and a representative from Disney.

Moana 2 was recently announced by Disney, after the story was originally conceived as television series meant to be released on Disney+ at some point in the near future. However, the company made the surprise announcement earlier this month, stating that David G. Derrick Jr. will both write and direct the sequel, which is currently slated to premiere in theaters on November 27. The premise of the upcoming film will follow the titular character as she receives a call from her wayfinding ancestors, taking her to the distant waters of Oceania in another musical tale. Hopefully, the young warrior will be ready to face what destiny has in store for her.

Aulii Cravalho Is Returning to Disney for ‘Moana 2’

While the popular songs from Moana were written by Lin-Manuel MirandaOpetaia Foa’i and Mark Mancina, the Hamilton star won’t be coming back for the sequel. Foa’i and Mancina will work alongside Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear this time around, creating the melodies that will accompany Moana throughout her new adventure. After the first movie earned around $687 million at the worldwide box office and gained a huge amount of views on Disney+, Moana became a priority for Disney, with the company thinking of new ways to expand the character’s world and story.

The Exciting Announcement: Aulii Cravalho Is Returning to Disney

In an Instagram post, Auli’i Cravalho shared her joy about reprising the role of Moana. The video shows her dancing in front of the iconic sorcerer hat from Fantasia at Disney’s animation studios in Burbank, California. She playfully places a tropical flower behind her ear, capturing the spirit of adventure.

Aulii Cravalho Is Returning to Disney for ‘Moana 2’

Besides working on how Moana 2 will continue the titular character’s journey, Disney is also developing a live-action adaptation of the first movie, with Dwayne Johnson also playing Maui in that project. However, Auli’i Cravalho won’t reprise her role as Moana in the live-action adaptation, opting for a role as an executive producer on the movie instead.

But even if she won’t be seen on the screen when it’s time to portray Moana’s journey in a live-action setting, audiences will get to hear Cravalho voicing the character once again when Moana 2 hits theaters later this year. The live-action iteration of Moana is currently scheduled to swim towards multiplexes on June 27, 2025, but it’s expected to be delayed due to the release of Moana 2.

Cravalho’s caption reads, “That feeling when you’re officially returning to Motonui. We’re sailing WAY beyond the reef this November…” The anticipation for the sequel is palpable.

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What to Expect from Moana 2

The animated sequel, announced as a delightful surprise last month, promises an expansive new voyage with Moana, Maui, and a brand-new crew of unlikely seafarers.

Aulii Cravalho Is Returning to Disney for ‘Moana 2’

After receiving an unexpected call from her wayfinding ancestors, Moana embarks on a daring adventure into dangerous, long-lost waters. The film will take audiences beyond the familiar shores of Oceania, exploring uncharted territories and facing unprecedented challenges.

While original composer Lin-Manuel Miranda won’t be contributing new tunes to the soundtrack, the film’s music will be composed by Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, alongside Mark Mancina and Opetaia Foa’.

A Surprise Theatrical Release

Initially developed as a Disney+ series, Moana 2 impressed the studio to such an extent that it earned a theatrical release. Disney CEO Bob Iger explained that the decision was based on the film’s remarkable quality and deserving impact.

Aulii Cravalho Is Returning to Disney for ‘Moana 2’

Fans can also look forward to a live-action adaptation of Moana, starring Dwayne Johnson as the demigod Maui. The project is still in development.Aulii Cravalho Is Returning to Disney.

Moana 2 sets sail into theaters on November 27, 2024. Prepare to be enchanted once again by the magic of Motonui and the fearless spirit of Moana.

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