The Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix: A Binge-Worthy Guide

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

Brazilian television has been making waves globally, and Netflix has been at the forefront of bringing captivating Brazilian content to international audiences. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of Brazilian culture or a curious viewer looking for something fresh, these shows offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Brazil’s storytelling.

Let’s dive into the best Brazilian shows on Netflix:

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

Good Morning, Verônica (2020-present)

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

Creator: Raphael Montes

Cast: Tainá Müller, Eduardo Moscovis, Camila Morgado, Antônio Grassi

Based on the novel of the same name by showrunner Raphael Montes and Ilana Casoy, this crime drama follows police clerk Verônica Torres (Tainá Müller) as she takes on a particularly harrowing investigation following the suicide of a young woman. It’s a compelling and unnerving story that tackles themes like domestic and sexual violence.

With such a heavy subject and a fair share of pretty graphic scenes, the show isn’t an easy watch, but it’s certainly worthwhile. The characters are engaging from the get-go, whether you love them or hate them, and the performances are equally amazing.

Müller, in particular, is great as the secretary turned detective crushed by the callousness of her male coworkers and the overall cruelty that surrounds her, and Antônio Grassi is a very special kind of hateful as police chief Wilson Carvala

Spectros (2020)

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

Spectros is a heart-pumping teen mystery series set in São Paulo. A group of teenagers in the eclectic Japanese neighborhood of Liberdade finds themselves entangled in a supernatural confrontation. Brazilian folklore and Japanese Shinto ghost stories blend seamlessly in this dark and captivating show.

Why You’ll Love It: If you enjoyed early seasons of Supernatural and Shadowhunters, Spectros will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Lady Voyeur (2023)

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

It is a thrilling Brazilian drama that delves into secrets, desire, and obsession. When a mysterious woman enters the lives of a wealthy family, their world unravels in unexpected ways. Dark secrets, forbidden passions, and a web of intrigue make this show a binge-worthy choice.

Why You’ll Love It: Twists, suspense, and complex characters create an addictive viewing experience.

The Endless Night (2023)

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

It is a psychological thriller that explores the aftermath of a tragic event. When friends reunite after years, buried secrets resurface, leading to a night of suspense, betrayal, and unexpected revelations.

Why You’ll Love It: Taut storytelling and a tense atmosphere keep you guessing until the very end.

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Invisible City (2021-present)

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

Dive into Brazilian folklore with this fantasy series. Detective Eric investigates mysterious deaths in Rio de Janeiro and discovers a hidden world of mythical creatures. Expect magical beings, ancient curses, and a quest for truth.

Why You’ll Love It: A fresh take on urban fantasy, blending Brazilian legends with contemporary crime-solving.

Back to 15 (2022)

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

Created by: Janaina Tokitaka

Cast: Maisa Silva, Amanda Azevedo, Katie Anne Moy, Camila Queiroz

Based on Bruna Vieira’s book by the same, Back to 15 is 13 Going on 30 in reverse. The show centers around Anita (Camila Queiroz), a 30-year-old woman whose life is a bit of a hot mess. After logging onto an old photoblog, she finds herself transported back to her high school years, getting the chance to redo things from her past with the wisdom she’s gained since growing up. To make matters even more complicated, Anita realizes she can travel back and forth and soon finds out that changing the past has implications for the future, too. Back to 15 is a delightful, clever teen show that offers charming characters and a blast from the past.


Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

In this Brazilian sitcom that takes place at the beginning of the pandemic, Dona Isadir (Rodrigo Sant’Anna), a very inconvenient mother-in-law, does not think twice about living at her son’s house and renting her apartment in Cachambi, Rio de Janeiro.

The series bets mainly on the humor of everyday situations that reiterate the social differences between the characters, especially between D. Isadir and her daughter-in-law, who live in constant conflict.

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Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

Having recommended 3%, it is also worth talking about Omniscient. For those who don’t know, the two series were created by the same person and have similar elements.

The story also focuses on a dystopian future, but this time, we see people being watched by drones at all times. Amidst all this, we accompany Nina, who works at the company that monitors these drones.

Her goal is to elude company surveillance as she tries to investigate her father’s mysterious death. If you found this story interesting, you need to check it out on Netflix.

Girls from Ipanema

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

You may have at least heard of “Girls from Ipanema”, as it is one of the most popular Brazilian Netflix series on our list. It takes place in Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s and focuses on three women who star in the plot.

The story begins when the protagonist, Malu, has the money stolen by her own husband. So, she decides to team up with a writer named Thereza and a singer named Adélia in hopes of opening a Bossa Nova bar.

Nobody’s Looking

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

For those who like to watch comedy series, we can suggest “Nobody’s Looking”. It is kind of different and great for those who like fantasy series.

It shows the lives of angels and their tasks involving humans. But when a new angel named Odysseus is created, he begins questioning the orders he receives and feels he needs to learn more about the system.

In the midst of this, he ends up leading other angels to do the same and the situation only gets complicated. If you liked the plot, be sure to check it out.

The Faction

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

For those looking for something more involved with the police investigation, “The Faction” is worth watching. Its story shows how an honest lawyer infiltrates a criminal faction.

All because her brother is trapped in that faction and she needs to unravel all possible schemes to try to save him. The problem is that she is faced with several moral issues during the episodes.

Maldivas (2022-present)

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

Creator: Natalia Klein

Cast: Bruna Marquezine, Natalia Klein, Manu Gavassi

Maldivas could be described as part Desperate Housewives, with an exquisite cast of charismatic and beautiful women, part murder mystery series similar to Only Murders in the Building. Put that together, and you get Maldivas, a fresh new soapy dramedy series created by and starring the hilarious Natalia KleinMaldivas follows the investigation of a death in an upscale condo community full of quirky characters, each one a suspect. Each episode entices with a new twist or clue in the investigation while surprising with uproarious comedy and intricately layered characters.

The Mechanism (O Mecanismo) (2018-2019)

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

Created by: José Padilha and Elena Soarez

Cast: Selton Mello, Carol Abras, Enrique Díaz, Leonardo Medeiros, Antônio Saboia, Lee Taylor, Otto Jr, Osvaldo Mil.

The series, created by Elena Soarez (who also wrote all episodes) and José Padilha (Elite Squad), focuses on telling the story of the Car Wash operation, the biggest corruption probe in Brazil and very relevant politically as it is still unfolding. The series, like the Operation in itself, arouses passions — in Brazil, critics said the series’ biggest flaw was to explain everything in too much detail, but that made it a necessary resource so that the foreign public could understand the various nuances of the functioning of the Brazilian political and judicial system.

Elite Squad: The Enemy

Category: Action, crime, drama (2010)

Elite Squad is a movie about a special force in Rio de Janeiro fighting against organized crime and drug lords in the favelas.

The first movie shows Captain Nascimento and his troop of highly trained police agents fighting the drug gangs in the favelas of the city.

On the other hand, the second movie starts with Captain Nascimento being “promoted” to a desk job, where he soon realizes the source of the endless fight in Rio de Janeiro is far more problematic than the drug lords. It is within the system.

Unfortunately, the first movie is not on Netflix only on Amazon Prime, but the second is, The Enemy Within.

On a side note, the movie is a fiction based on current issues and the rampant corruption we face in Brazil.

Elite Squad 2 is a movie Brazilian people see as a representation of what needs to change in the country. 

Blood Pact

Although it is one of the best Brazilian shows on Netflix, Blood Pact is not their original work. The pay channel Space produced it, but it is now available on Netflix.

Its plot shows how a TV presenter tries to broadcast violent news to have a bigger audience than his competitors. But with that, he ends up crossing many limits and is not far from those he shows as bad guys on his show.

The most exciting thing is that the plot is very similar to the documentary series we will show you below.

Killer Ratings (Bandidos na TV) (2019)

Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix

Created by: Daniel Bogado

Daniel Bogado directs this seven-episode documentary telling the story of TV presenter and politician Wallace Souza, the so-called “defender of the public,” accused of ordering a series of murders to raise the popularity of his TV show Canal Livre. Souza presented a show whose genre is among the most popular in Brazil, showing the violent reality of Brazilian cities — the problem here is that he was also fabricating it.

Between 1996 and 2009, Canal Livre showcased often graphic violence completely uncensored, in Manaus, capital of the state of Amazonas. Thanks to the show, Souza was so popular that he was elected a state congressman in 1998 and re-elected two more times, but ended up having his term revoked in 2009 after the police accused him of associating with drug traffickers to display the murder of rivals on his TV show. For true crime fans, this series is a must as it depicts how far someone is able to go for fame and success. It’s just a jaw-dropping story, even for Brazilians used to this kind of shows.

Remember, these shows offer a privileged view of Brazil—its culture, history, and societal issues. So grab your popcorn, immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Brazilian television, and let the binge-watching begin!

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