18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix: Comprehensive Guide

Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Whether you fantasize about royal life or can’t get your fill of the captivating tales of Will, Kate, Harry, Meghan, and the entire Windsor clan, these Netflix selections are tailored just for you. Filled with drama and intrigue, these shows and movies delve into the lives of the world’s most iconic families.

So, grab some popcorn, summon your best friend, and embark on a binge-watching adventure now!

Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

The Crown

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

If you haven’t watched The Crown, what are you waiting for? One of Netflix’s most popular royal series, the historical drama chronicles Queen Elizabeth II’s early reign and highlights just how closely the monarchy can intersect with politics in the U.K. Seasons one and two star Claire Foy as a young Elizabeth, but the entire show will be recast for season 3.

“The Crown,” a historical drama television series, reigns supreme on Netflix. Created by Peter Morgan, the show offers an intimate glimpse into the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the British Royal Family. From political intrigues to personal struggles, “The Crown” weaves a captivating narrative spanning six decades. Let’s delve into the opulent world of royalty, scandals, and duty.

Plot Overview

“The Crown” unfolds across six seasons, each meticulously portraying key moments in Queen Elizabeth II’s reign:

  1. Season 1 and 2: The early years, from Elizabeth’s wedding to Prince Philip in 1947 to her ascension to the throne. Claire Foy brilliantly portrays the young queen navigating her responsibilities and family dynamics.
  2. Season 3 and 4: Olivia Colman takes the throne, depicting the 1960s and 1970s. The series delves into political upheavals, the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and the emergence of Margaret Thatcher (played by Gillian Anderson).
  3. Season 5 and 6: Imelda Staunton enters Elizabeth’s shoes for the final chapters. The show explores the 1990s and early 2000s, including the tumultuous years following Princess Diana’s death.

Key Themes and Characters

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

“The Crown” masterfully balances historical accuracy with fictionalized drama. Here are some essential elements:

  1. Elizabeth II (Queen): Her stoicism, duty, and evolving role as a constitutional monarch.
  2. Prince Philip: Matt Smith and Tobias Menzies portray the complexities of the Duke of Edinburgh.
  3. Princess Margaret: Vanessa Kirby and Helena Bonham Carter breathe life into the rebellious and tragic princess.
  4. Political Landscape: The series delves into prime ministers like Winston Churchill, Harold Wilson, and Margaret Thatcher.

Production and Reception

Filming took place at Elstree Studios in the UK, with international locations. Critics praise the acting, direction, and production values. Historical inaccuracies have sparked debates but haven’t dimmed the show’s brilliance.

Why Watch “The Crown”?

  • Rich Characterization: Explore the human side of royalty—their struggles, desires, and vulnerabilities.
  • Historical Context: Witness pivotal moments in British history, from the Suez Crisis to the Falklands War.
  • Visual Splendor: Lavish costumes, opulent sets, and breathtaking cinematography.

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A Royal Night Out

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

In this sweet period drama, Princess Elizabeth takes one last opportunity to feel like an ordinary girl by venturing out with her sister Margaret to celebrate the end of World War II. The young royals are escorted by two chaperones who clearly aren’t so good at their jobs as the sisters get separated and run into trouble throughout the night.

Grace of Monaco

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Netflix doesn’t only focus on the British royals. Grace of Monaco, for example, stars Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly in a film centring around the American princess’s struggle with her marriage and identity.

The Royal House of Windsor

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Genre: Documentary, History.

IMDb Rating: 7.8/10.

A documentary series that explores the history and impact of the Windsor family on the British monarchy.

Secrets of Highclere Castle

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Aside from being the real-life setting of Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle has long been a place of gathering for Kings and Queens of England. Watch the true story of one of the world’s most famous homes unfold in this special by PBS.

Elizabeth at 90: A Family Tribute

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Elizabeth at 90: A Family Tribute offers an intimate peek into the lives of members of the royal family. Aptly named, the documentary features rarely-seen home videos and pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday.

Diana: In Her Own Words

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Genre: Documentary, Biography.

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10.

Description: A documentary featuring recordings of Princess Diana discussing her life, struggles, and experiences.

The Windsors

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Cast: Harry Enfield, Haydn Gwynne, Hugh Skinner.

Genre: Comedy.

IMDb Rating: 7.0/10.

Description: A satirical comedy series that parodies the lives of the British Royal Family in a humorous and exaggerated manner.

Inside the Crown: Secrets of the Royals

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Genre: Documentary, Investigation.

IMDb Rating: Not available.

Description: An investigative documentary series that uncovers hidden truths and scandals within the British Royal Family.

Prince Philip: The Plot to Make a King

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

German roots and an ambitious spirit couldn’t stop Prince Philip from joining the royal family. This documentary reveals the efforts made to keep him from gaining both power and influence.

Secrets of Her Majesty’s Secret Service

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Made famous by James Bond, Her Majesty’s Secret Service is the world’s oldest intelligence agency. This special by PBS takes viewers inside the 100-year organization with interviews that reveal some of the covert group’s operations.

Victoria (2016-2019)

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Genre: Historical Drama

Plot: Follow the life of Queen Victoria, Britain’s second-longest-reigning monarch. The show explores her early years on the throne, her marriage to Prince Albert, and the complexities of ruling an empire.

Key Characters: Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria, Tom Hughes as Prince Albert.

Why Watch?: A captivating portrayal of love, power, and duty.

Reign (2013-2017)

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Set in 16th-century France, this series follows the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. It blends history with drama, romance, and political intrigue.

Key Characters: Adelaide Kane as Mary Stuart, Toby Regbo as Prince Francis.

Why Watch?: A mix of historical events and fictional twists.

The Tudors (2007-2010)

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Genre: Historical Drama

Plot: Dive into the tumultuous reign of King Henry VIII. The show explores his six marriages, political manoeuvring, and the birth of the Church of England.

Key Characters: Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry VIII, Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn.

Why Watch?: Intrigue, passion, and a glimpse into a pivotal era.

Versailles (2015-2018)

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Genre: Historical Drama

Plot: Step into the opulent court of King Louis XIV of France. The series portrays the construction of the Palace of Versailles, power struggles, and personal relationships.

Key Characters: George Blagden as King Louis XIV, Alexander Vlahos as Philippe I, Duke of Orleans.

Why Watch?: Lavish costumes, scandalous affairs, and a decadent backdrop.

The Duchess

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

In this Oscar-nominated film, Keira Knightley plays Georgiana Spencer, the 18th-century Duchess of Devonshire, as her scandalous affair with a politician plays out.

The Royals

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

This documentary series delves into all aspects of the British royal family from scandals to weddings to the Windsors’ favourite pets. Interviews with palace insiders reveal what it’s like to be a part of the most famous family in the U.K.

The Young Victoria

18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix

Emily Blunt plays a teenage Queen Victoria in this drama about the royal’s romance with Prince Albert.


Whether you’re fascinated by real historical events or crave fictionalized drama, these royal family shows offer a majestic escape. So, grab your scepter (or remote) and immerse yourself in the world of 18 Best Royal Family Shows on Netflix crowns, intrigues, and tiaras.

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