Exclusive: “America in Black” Secures Second Season, Shining Spotlight on Black Voices through Compelling Storytelling

America in Black

(New York, NY – January 29, 2024): Following its critical acclaim and audience engagement, the groundbreaking news series “America in Black” has secured a second season, solidifying its commitment to showcasing diverse perspectives and delving into the experiences of Black America through immersive reporting and powerful narratives.

This renewed partnership between BET and CBS News signifies a continued exploration of crucial issues that impact Black communities, amplifying voices often sidelined in mainstream media.

“America in Black” Secures Second Season

Launched in February 2023, “America in Black” set itself apart by prioritizing the perspectives of Black journalists and storytellers. Featuring a dynamic roster of award-winning anchors and correspondents like Gayle King, James Brown, Ed Gordon, and Michelle Miller, the program tackles a wide range of topics relevant to Black America, from the complexities of healthcare disparities to the ongoing fight for social justice and the vibrant tapestry of cultural trends (Variety, 2023).

America in Black

What separates “America in Black” from traditional news coverage is its dedication to depth and nuance. In contrast to the fleeting nature of breaking news, the series dedicates hour-long episodes to insightful examinations of complex issues, offering historical context, personal narratives, and expert analysis (Deadline, 2023).

This dedication to fostering deeper understanding has resonated with viewers, garnering praise for its informative and insightful approach.

Recap Of Season 1 Of America in Black

Season 1 correspondents included CBS Mornings co-host Gayle King; journalist and author Marc Lamont Hill; NFL Today host and CBS News special correspondent James Brown, CBS Saturday Morning co-host Michelle Miller, CBS News national correspondent and CBS Weekend News anchor Jericka Duncan, CBS News correspondents Skyler Henry and Danya Bacchus; Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Wesley Lowery, Entertainment Tonight co-host Nischelle Turner and MTV correspondent Dometi Pongo.

The premiere episode on February 6 will feature O’Brien’s interview and profile of Origin filmmaker Ava DuVernay, along with a profile of Sandra Douglass Morgan, the first and only Black woman NFL team president; a report on Black love and more. The February 20 instalment will feature King in a sit-down interview with Victoria Monéta story of food critic Keith Lee, and a profile of Maryland Governor Wes Moore. Comedian Roy Wood Jr. returns this season with his “Mic Drop” commentary segment beginning Feb. 6.

Impactful Narratives, Resonant Audiences:

The show’s impact is evident in its strong viewership and positive reception. With an average 4.6 out of 5-star rating across various platforms, “America in Black” has resonated with viewers seeking genuine representation and nuanced perspectives on issues affecting Black communities.

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Scott Mills, President and CEO of BET, acknowledges the significance of the show’s platform, stating, “We at BET are thrilled to continue this important partnership with CBS News. ‘America in Black’ has provided a vital platform for Black voices to be heard and stories to be told, and we’re excited to expand on its impact in Season 2” (Deadline, 2023).

Quotes and Reactions:

  • Susan Zirinsky, President and Senior Managing Editor of CBS News: “‘America in Black’ has proven to be a valuable addition to our news landscape, offering viewers unique insights and fostering crucial conversations. We’re proud to stand alongside BET in returning this series for another season”.
  • James Brown, CBS News correspondent and “America in Black” contributor: “This show isn’t just about news; it’s about giving voice to the experiences and triumphs of Black America. It’s an honour to be a part of something so meaningful, and I look forward to exploring even more powerful stories in Season 2“.

Looking Ahead: Season 2 of “America in Black”

The renewal of “America in Black” signifies a commitment to ongoing coverage of vital issues and ongoing spotlighting of diverse voices. While specific details on Season 2 themes and topics are yet to be revealed, viewers can expect the series to continue its impactful exploration of social justice, cultural experiences, and the complex realities of Black communities in the United States.

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