Spotlight on January 2024’s Top Track: “Sadness As A Gift” by Adrianne Lenker


January 2024 was a vibrant month for music, with one song standing out: “Sadness As A Gift” by Adrianne Lenker.

About the Song

“Sadness As A Gift” is the second single from Lenker’s highly anticipated album, “Bright Future”. The song is a beautiful blend of rustic piano, guitar, and violin, underpinning Lenker’s wistful vocals. The lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia that resonates with many listeners.

About the Artist

Adrianne Lenker is a well-known figure in the music industry, recognized for her role as the singer and guitarist of the band Big Thief. With “Sadness As A Gift,” Lenker continues to cement herself as one of the strongest songwriters in her field.



The song has been well-received by critics and fans alike, with many praising its emotional weight and clarity. It effortlessly captures the essence of yearning, making it a standout track in Lenker’s discography.


The Message

The song explores themes of fleeting time and unfulfilled desires. Lenker sings, “The seasons go so fast / Thinking that this one was gonna last / Maybe the question was too much to ask,” reflecting on the transient nature of life.

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Production Details

“Sadness As A Gift” was recorded at Double Infinity, a studio concealed in the woods. The environment of its creation is reflected in the track’s sound, which carries a rustic charm.

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In conclusion, “Sadness As A Gift” by Adrianne Lenker is a poignant track that beautifully encapsulates the human experience of longing. Its success in January 2024 is a testament to Lenker’s exceptional songwriting skills and the emotional resonance of her music.

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