Jennifer Lopezs This Is Me Now: A Watery Affair: Complete Review

Jennifer Lopezs This Is Me…Now

Jennifer Lopezs This Is Me Now

Jennifer Lopez, the multihyphenate superstar, has returned to the music scene with her latest album, “This Is Me…Now.” However, the reception has been lukewarm, leaving fans and critics divided. Let’s dive into the watery depths of J.Lo’s musical comeback.

Jennifer Lopez‘s ninth studio album, This Is Me…Now, doubles as the official soundtrack to her new autobiographical Prime Video movie. Word on that project is that it is a feverishly unhinged mash-up of Beyoncé’s Lemonade film and George Orwell’s 1984 – topped off with cameos by Trevor Noah and Kim Petras and a starring role for Ben Affleck’s chin. Jennifer Lopezs This Is Me Now.

Jennifer Lopezs This Is Me…Now

The Sequel to “This Is Me…Then”

“This Is Me…Now” serves as the sequel to her 2002 album, “This Is Me…Then,” which coincided with the media frenzy surrounding Bennifer 1.0 (the iconic pairing of Lopez and Ben Affleck). But alas, lightning doesn’t strike twice. While “This Is Me…Then” gifted us timeless hits like “Jenny From the Block,” “I’m Glad,” and “All I Have,” its successor falls short.

Jennifer Lopezs This Is Me…Now

Love, Rekindled

The album revolves entirely around the rekindled romance between Lopez and Affleck. In 13 tracks, J.Lo takes us from their 2021 reunion to their impromptu Las Vegas elopement. Unfortunately, the magic of their love story doesn’t quite translate into memorable melodies. Jennifer Lopezs This Is Me Now.

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The Watery Melodies: Jennifer Lopezs This Is Me Now

Lopez’s sound on “This Is Me…Now” lacks the punch and innovation we expect from pop powerhouses. Instead, it feels like a diluted version of her past work. The title track sets the tone, with lyrics like “Take me as I am / And I’ll take you as you are.” While the sentiment is sweet, it lacks the spark that made her earlier hits resonate.

Jennifer Lopezs This Is Me…Now

Cringe-Worthy Moments

Lyrically, J.Lo occasionally ventures into cringe territory. On “Not Going Anywhere,” she raps about her failed first attempt at love with Affleck, comparing it to the “Harlem Shake.” And “Greatest Love Story Never Told” gets uncomfortably explicit as she describes intimate moments with her husband. It’s a far cry from her more sophisticated material.

A Glimmer of Authenticity

Amidst the mediocrity, there’s a glimmer of authenticity. “Broken Like Me” showcases Lopez at her rawest, reflecting on her broken marriage to Marc Anthony before finding solace with Affleck. The pain in her voice resonates, reminding us of the real emotions behind the celebrity facade.

Jennifer Lopezs This Is Me…Now

That said, as a conventional release by a mega-star whose hit-making days are arguably behind them, it does have some charms. Lopez may have a reputation as the diva’s diva, but she has a gorgeously expressive voice that is a perfect fit for the sugary and anonymous pop cooked up by producers Angel Lopez and Rogét Chahayed. Jennifer Lopezs This Is Me Now.

“This Is Me…Now” may not be the triumphant return we hoped for, but it’s a testament to enduring love. Whether you’re a die-hard Bennifer fan or a casual listener, give it a spin and decide for yourself. Don’t expect it to be as invigorating as Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ iced coffee.

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