Exclusive News: Machine Gun Kelly Topless Tattoo Sparks Approval from Joe Exotic

Machine Gun Kelly Topless Tattoo

Machine Gun Kelly Topless Tattoo Sparks Approval from Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic, the infamous zookeeper famously depicted in Netflix’s docuseries “Tiger King,” has caught the attention of Machine Gun Kelly with a provocative response to the rapper’s newest tattoo. On Monday, February 20, MGK shared a photo of his new half-body tattoo, which covers his torso in black ink. While the Internet reacted with mixed opinions, Joe Exotic offered a unique perspective, expressing his approval via Twitter.

The zoo owner wrote,

“Wow @machinegunkelly your new ink is hot AF! #HotnReadyToGoBackToPrison”

His tweet quickly gained traction, generating laughter and conversation amongst fans of both celebrities.

The Tiger King star, who is currently in prison, decided to shoot his shot at the rapper on Instagram.

Machine Gun Kelly Topless Tattoo

Underneath MGK’s topless photo showcasing his heavily-inked torso, the openly gay former zoo owner commented: “A tiger and a bit of meth and you would be mine. Lol.”

Exotic, who is allowed 30 minutes of computer time per day, also reposted the picture on his own IG page with the caption: “A tiger and a little bit of meth I can make MGK gay.”

Machine Gun Kelly, who is in a relationship with Megan Fox, has not yet responded to Joe Exotic’s comment.

Machine Gun Kelly Topless Tattoo

In addition to showing off his bold new ink, the Cleveland rapper also released a new single earlier this week which saw him return to rap after making several rock albums.

On the emotional track, which is called “don’t let me go,” he addresses his mental health, drug abuse and childhood trauma.

Before my dad left to serve, he made sure I took on every quality I didn’t want/ I was supposed to die at birth, gave me another chance, I fucked it up, gave me another one/ I’ve been running from secrets I hid as a kid, I never confronted ’em,” he raps.

MGK’s new tattoo has garnered considerable attention, with some praising the design while others criticizing the decision to cover existing artwork. Regardless of opinion, Joe Exotic’s reaction has certainly added a humorous twist to the discussion. The reality television personality’s witty remark reflects his signature sense of humor and highlights the unlikely friendship that has developed between the two entertainers.

Machine Gun Kelly Topless Tattoo

Despite their contrasting backgrounds, MGK and Joe Exotic have formed an unusual bond, collaborating on music and even discussing potential acting roles together. Their dynamic illustrates the unpredictability of fame and the connections that can emerge within the entertainment industry.

Kelly also reveals his thoughts over Fox suffering a miscarriage last year, rapping: 

“How can I live with the fact/ That my hand wasn’t on her stomach when we lost the baby?”

Last year, the actress spoke to Good Morning America about the effect the miscarriage had on them as a couple.

Machine Gun Kelly Topless Tattoo

“I’d never been through anything like that in my life,” she said. “I have three kids, so it was very difficult for both of us, and it sent us on a very wild journey together and separately … trying to navigate ‘what does this mean?’ and ‘why did this happen?’”

As for Joe Exotic, he is not expected to be released from prison until 2035 following his conviction for hiring hitmen to murder his rival Carole Baskin.

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He attempted to secure a pardon for his sentence from Donald Trump before he left office in early 2021, but was ultimately not pardoned by the president despite much lobbying.

Exotic was incarcerated just months before the hit docuseries Tiger King was released on Netflix.

Machine Gun Kelly Topless Tattoo

Machine Gun Kelly Topless Tattoo Sparks Approval from Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic‘s wild response to MGK’s tattoo has fans talking and laughing, adding another chapter to the ongoing tale of these larger-than-life personalities. Whether you find their interactions entertaining or bizarre, there’s no denying that their relationship offers a fascinating insight into the world of modern celebrity culture.

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