32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX

32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX

Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX

Learning a language becomes more enjoyable when you’re immersed in entertaining content like movies. Whether you’re a fan of blockbusters or indie films, there are plenty of options to enhance your English skills.

Here’s a curated list of Best Hollywood Movie For English Learning on NETFLIX that strike a balance between effective learning and entertainment:

Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX

The Social Network (2010)

32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX
  • Genre: Drama
  • Plot: This film chronicles the creation of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg. It’s a great choice for understanding modern business language, tech jargon, and interpersonal dynamics.
  • Language Focus: Conversations related to entrepreneurship, legal matters, and ambition.

Lost in Translation (2003)

32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX
  • Genre: Drama/Romance
  • Plot: A chance encounter between two strangers (played by Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson) in Tokyo. The film captures cultural nuances, loneliness, and human connection.
  • Language Focus: Conversations about life, relationships, and cross-cultural experiences.

Good Will Hunting (1997)

32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX
  • Genre: Drama
  • Plot: A janitor (played by Matt Damon) with extraordinary mathematical abilities is discovered by a professor. The film delves into complex emotions and intellectual discussions.
  • Language Focus: Intellectual debates, psychology, and personal growth.

The King’s Speech (2010)

32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX
  • Genre: Historical/Drama
  • Plot: Based on a true story, it follows King George VI’s struggle with a speech impediment. The film provides insights into formal language, public speaking, and overcoming challenges.
  • Language Focus: Pronunciation, diction, and eloquence.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX
  • Genre: Sci-Fi/Romance
  • Plot: A couple (played by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet) undergoes a procedure to erase memories of their failed relationship. The film explores love, memory, and identity.
  • Language Focus: Emotional expressions, metaphors, and introspection.

The Imitation Game (2014):

32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the brilliant mathematician Alan Turing, this film explores his efforts to decrypt German intelligence codes during World War II. It delves into the political climate and social prejudices of the 1940s. A tragic yet unsung hero, Turing’s invention played a crucial role in saving millions of lives.

The Fifth Estate (2013):

32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX

Also featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, this movie portrays Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. It delves into the pressure and criticism faced by Assange and his colleague as they leak confidential documents. The film explores their strained relationship and diverging ideologies.

A Beautiful Mind (2001):

32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX

Directed by Ron Howard, this drama follows the life of John Nash, a mathematician battling paranoid schizophrenia. Despite his struggles, Nash goes on to win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics. The film captures Nash’s genius, fears, and delusions.

Being John Malkovich (1999):

32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX

A dark comedy written by Charlie Kaufman, this film revolves around a struggling puppeteer who discovers a portal leading into the mind of actor John Malkovich. It’s a thrilling and weird exploration of identity and existence.

Ruby Sparks (2012):

32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX

Written by Zoe Kazan, this offbeat romantic comedy follows a young writer whose fictional creation suddenly appears in the flesh as his perfect lover. As he loses control over the situation, the film delves into themes of love and creativity.

If Beale Street Could Talk:

32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX

This romantic drama, based on James Baldwin’s novel, explores themes of racism and corruption in the American judicial system.

Set in 1970s Harlem, it follows the story of a pregnant woman seeking justice for her wrongfully imprisoned fiancé. You’ll learn vocabulary related to justice, police brutality, race, discrimination, and social politics.

Darkest Hour:

32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX

A historical drama about Winston Churchill rallying Britain during World War II. You’ll encounter words and phrases related to war, politics, and British culture. Gary Oldman’s performance is exceptional, making it an engaging learning experience.

A psychological drama directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal, based on Elena Ferrante’s novel.

The Lost Daughter:

32 Best Hollywood Movies For English Learning on NETFLIX

The story revolves around Leda, a middle-aged professor, and her interactions with a mother and her young daughter.

It Explores vocabulary related to gender, family, and motherhood.

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Jurassic Park (1993)

OK, so everyone’s already seen this – and if not, shame on you. It’s the perfect movie for learning some slightly complicated scientific words in a thoroughly entertaining context. It also happens to be my favourite film ever. Call me biased.

Notting Hill (1999)

If you’re not sure whether to learn British or American English, this movie offers both in one perfect romantic comedy package. Set in London, it follows a nerdy bookshop owner who falls in love with an American movie star. The ending will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Clueless (1995)

With a 90s revival in full swing, the best way to brush up on your retro teen slang is with Clueless, set in a Los Angeles high school and featuring some of the most iconic fashions of the 1993-1996 era. Fun fact: it’s based on the novel Emma by Jane Austen.

The Hunger Games (2012)

Easy-to-understand American accent? Check. Jennifer Lawrence? Check. Handsome male lead? Check. Tension-filled fight scenes? Mega check. If you’re a fan of sci-fi adventures with some romance and post-apocalyptic politics thrown in for good measure, get watching.

The Queen (2006)

Keeping the royal theme, you can learn some seriously refined British English accents in this movie based on the UK Royal Family’s reaction to the death of Princess Diana. Full of drama, expensive sets and actress Helen Mirren doing her best impression of the Queen (and her very posh accent!).

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

One of the world’s most famous and iconic films, The Wizard of Oz is one of those movies you can’t say you’ve never seen. The story follows a girl called Dorothy, transported to a magical world which she’s destined to save. There are also songs, which is always nice.

Men in Black (1997)

Not only is the English in Men in Black really easy to understand, it’s also relatable (as far as secret agents hunting aliens goes, at least). Will Smith stars as the lead, using language that’s clear but also totally hip and cool because, you know, he’s Will Smith.

The Babadook (2014)

This is a scary one, so if you’re not a horror movie fan, probably best to give this one a miss. A woman and her young son find a creepy book about a monster called The Babadook – then weird things start happening in their house. On the plus side, it’s all in Australian accents.

Black Sheep (2006)

New Zealand is known for its horror comedies, and this is one of the best – a movie about werewolves, except instead of wolves the monsters are sheep. Weird, I know. But not only will you refine your New Zealand accent, you’ll also learn about the country’s farming culture.

English Movies for Beginner Learners:

Toy Story:

This animated classic follows the adventures of toys that come to life when their owner is away. The simple storyline and vocabulary make it ideal for beginners.

Finding Nemo:

An animated film about a clownfish’s quest to find his lost son. The vocabulary is straightforward, and the visuals are captivating.

Cast Away:

Tom Hanks stars as a man stranded on a deserted island. The dialogue is clear and easy to follow.

English Movies for Intermediate Learners:

The Hangover:

A comedy about a wild bachelor party in Las Vegas. Conversations are fast-paced and colloquial.

Forrest Gump:

A heartwarming film with a mix of humor and drama. The language is varied, covering different accents and expressions.

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A touching story about a boy with facial differences. The vocabulary is suitable for intermediate learners.

English Movies for Advanced Learners:

The Terminator:

A sci-fi classic with complex dialogues and technical terms.

Thor: Ragnarok:

A superhero film with witty banter and cultural references.

Get Out:

A thought-provoking horror film that delves into social issues.

Loving Vincent:

An animated masterpiece about the life of Vincent van Gogh. The language is rich and artistic.

Remember to use subtitles if needed, and pay attention to pronunciation, idiomatic expressions, and context. Happy watching!

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