Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3 (TV Series 2024)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3

Regarding espionage and romance, Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3 is the most prolific example of a story that effectively blends both elements. The 2005 action-comedy written by Simon Kinberg focused on the relationship of the titular married couple who discover that they are both spies from competing agencies.

The simple but electric premise sets up an entertaining and charming movie, with the audience following this pair through every badass and sensually charged moment. Now, 18 years later, the iconic movie is being remade into a TV series on Prime Video.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3

The highly anticipated third season of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3” has arrived, and it’s a delightful blend of action, romance, and witty banter. Co-created by Donald Glover and showrunner Francesca Sloane, this rebooted spy series takes the original concept from the 2005 blockbuster film and elevates it to new heights.

The Premise

The series was first announced in February 2021, with Donald Glover and Phoebe Waller-Bridge cast in the eponymous roles. However, due to creative differences, the project’s development was majorly affected in September 2021 when Waller-Bridge exited the series. Her role was recast in April 2022 with Pen15 star Maya Erskine stepping into star opposite Glover.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3

For those unfamiliar with the premise, Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3 follows the lives of a married couple who are highly skilled spies. In this updated version, we have Donald Glover as the suave Mr. Smith and Maya Erskine as the equally capable Mrs. Smith. Their chemistry is electric, and their banter keeps viewers hooked.

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When will Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s Season 3 be released?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3

The series was originally set for a release date in 2022 even after Waller-Bridge exited the series. After Erskine replaced her in April 2022, news about the series began to die down with an official release date remaining to be seen long after the conclusion of 2022. The series was then scheduled to be released sometime in November 2023 but was delayed.

What Are the Critics Saying about Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3
  • Variety’s Alison Herman notes that the TV series format suits the concept better than the original film. The nimble writing and the natural chemistry between Glover and Erskine make this adaptation stand out.
  • Entertainment Weekly’s Kristen Baldwin praises the show for evolving while honoring the original. It’s a rare reboot that strikes the right balance.
  • TV Guide’s Lyvie Scott appreciates the show’s stylistic and narrative updates. The series cultivates the seedling ideas from the film into a compelling story.
  • The Verge’s Charles Pulliam-Moore acknowledges a few rough patches but commends the show’s ability to take risks and create a captivating narrative.
  • We Got This Covered’s Christian Bone calls it a successful blend of action-thriller and mumblecore romcom. The laidback charm, effective comedy, and exceptional chemistry of the leads make it a winner.

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine Shine

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3

Two strangers land jobs with a spy agency that offers them a life of espionage, wealth, and travel. The catch: new identities in an arranged marriage.


  • Donald Glover
  • Maya Erskine
  • Paul Dano

Glover and Erskine are the heart of the show. Their effortless chemistry brings the characters to life. Their performances shine, Whether navigating dangerous missions or sharing intimate moments.

Where Can You Watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3

The adapted series will exclusively be released on Prime Video due to Glover’s established deal with Amazon in 2021. This is the same deal that led to his other series, Swarm, which was released in early 2023.

Is There a Trailer for Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3?

A Unique Blend of Genres

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 3 defies expectations. It’s part spy thriller, part romantic comedy, and wholly entertaining. The show cleverly inverts the movie’s premise, blending retro TV charm with modern sensibilities.


While it may not achieve the pop culture impact of the original Brangelina film, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” Season 3 is sizably entertaining. It’s a spy thriller fit for a millennial demographic and’ll keep you guessing until the end.

So grab your popcorn, settle in, and enjoy the delightful escapades of Mr. and Mrs. Smith—they’re back, and they’re better than ever.

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