Tears in Tombstone! Barrymore & Mulroney Reunite for Sappy “Bad Girls” Bonanza After 30 Years!

Bad Girls

Frances Farmer, Hollywood’s original “Bad Girl,” was known for her rebellious spirit and tragic life. From winning a writing contest for her essay “God Dies” in high school to her tumultuous career in Hollywood, Farmer’s life was marked by controversy and tragedy.

Drew Barrymore was brought to tears on Thursday’s episode of her self-titled daytime talk show — and she wasn’t the only one!

The actress, 48, had staged a reunion with Andie MacDowell and Mary Stuart Masterson, her costars in the 1994 western Bad Girls, when her studio opened to reveal another actor from the film: Dermot Mulroney.

bad girl

MacDowell, 65, and Masterson, 57, were in on the surprise, but Barrymore’s shock at seeing her longtime friend brought out strong emotions.

She cried, covering her face with her hands before wrapping her arms around Mulroney, 60, in a loving embrace. And the feeling was mutual.

Bad Girls

“I’m so happy to see you, I might cry,” Mulroney whispered.

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“Bad Girls” Bonanza After 30 Years!

As the two actors sat on the couch, the tears only continued as they wiped away their weeps with a tissue they shared.

Bad Girls

“Oh my God, Dermot, I was just watching you in Anyone But You — which I love, by the way, it’s such a good movie,” Barrymore informed Mulroney of her support, for which he was grateful. Reflecting on their time working together, Barrymore praised Mulroney for being a stabilizing presence in her life.

“You were so good to me. I really was, like, a lost 17-year-old,” she said. “I was having so much fun, but I didn’t know how to take care of myself. And you took such good care of me. You were so kind to me.”

“Dermot, he really took care of me,” she told the audience, looking back on her youth. “I mean, I was wild, guys. I was really, really wild.”

Mulroney told Barrymore how proud he was of how far she had come. “I’m so happy to see you,” he told her, calling Barrymore an “incredible survivor.”

He went on to apologize to the audience for his tears. “Sorry guys, I cry now,” he said. “I knew I was going to, and I came anyway. I decided I was going to go ahead and cry in public!”

“It is so nice to see a man cry, by the way,” Barrymore added.

Bad Girls

Bad Girls was released in April 1994. The film was directed by Jonathan Kaplan, who helmed 1988’s The Accused, earning Jodie Foster a Best Actress trophy at the Academy Awards.

Reviews for Bad Girls could have been more successful. 

The movie follows four former prostitutes — played by Barrymore, MacDowell, 65, Masterson, 57, and Madeleine Stowe — as they go on the run in the Old West after finding themselves innocently involved in a series of crimes.

Despite the critical complaints, the star power attached to Bad Girls helped the film open in the No. 1 position. It ultimately grossed over $15 million in North America and $23 million worldwide.

The Drew Barrymore Show airs weekdays on CBS (check local listings).

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