Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Do you know that the movie Antrum was first shown on screen in 1979? Wait, what do you not know about that? You also don’t know that it is the cause of 100 deaths. Isn’t it shocking? that a movie is a cause of death, but yes, it is. Then let me tell you that it is the deadliest movie ever.

So, if you’re brave enough to dive into the shadowy world of Antrum and other cursed cinematic offerings, be prepared for a wild, unsettling ride. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Antrum And 20 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Tragedy Girls 2017

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“Tragedy Girls” is a thrilling cinematic experience that follows the twisted journey of two high school best friends, Sadie and McKayla. Their obsession with murder and fame takes them on a dark and wrong path. These girls aren’t content with mere admiration from afar. They decide to take matters into their own hands and start a killing spree, all while cleverly manipulating social media to build their “Tragedy Girls” brand. It’s a chilling commentary on our society’s obsession with true crime and the extremes people will go to for attention.

Alexandra Shipp and Brianna Hildebrand deliver standout performances, supported by a talented cast that includes Craig Robinson, Josh Hutcherson, and Kevin Durand. The film strikes the perfect balance between laughs and scares.

Hell House LLC 2015

Hell House LLC (2015) & Hell House 2 (2018): Found Footage at Its Best (and  Worst)

Hell House LLC is written and directed by Stephen Cognetti and produced by Joe Bandelli. In it, a group of people run a haunted house attraction at the Abaddon Hotel. It was supposed to be scary and fun for the people visiting. But on opening day, almost 15 people died.

A documentary team led by Diane Graves investigates the incident. Their only lead is a survivor named Sara Havel, who offers chilling footage shot before the tragedy. The footage shows the tortured events, but the determined boss pushes forward. The opening night ends with guests and staff attacked by unseen figures. Revealing the truth, Diane discovers Sara’s story is a lie – her room doesn’t exist, and she’s been dead the entire time! The Abaddon Hotel hides a dark secret, and the documentary crew might be next to face its wrath.

Vampire 2021

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Vampire is a Serbian movie directed by Branko Tomović. It starts when a boy named Arnaut sees something bad in London. He wants to seek refuge when a lady, Vesna, offers him a job in a cemetery in Serbia. He took that offer and went there. But this peaceful gig takes a dark turn. Soon, Arnare realises that the villagers have sinister intentions for him. Only the priest saved him from anything bad. As he tries to figure out everything, he finds that the village seems linked to the very origins of vampires. 

The Last Broadcast 1998

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“The Last Broadcast” is directed by Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler. The story revolves around documentary filmmakers going to the New Jersey Pine Barrens to investigate the mythical creature, the Jersey Devil. They mysteriously vanish as they go deeper into the forest, leaving only their recorded footage behind. The film evolves through interviews, news reports, and recovered tapes, immersing viewers in a suspenseful narrative. Clues and uncertainties emerge, keeping audiences engaged as they question the fate of the filmmakers and the truth behind their disappearance. 

Home Movie 2008

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“Home Movie” is directed by Christopher Denham and is about a seemingly normal suburban family trying to live a peaceful life in the woods. The family documents their lives with a video camera. However, as the footage grows, it becomes evident that something sinister and disturbing is happening within the household. The parents’ increasingly unstable behaviour and the alarming actions of their children blur the lines between reality and horror. 

The Crescent 2017

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“The Crescent”, directed by Seth A. Smith, is the story of a mother and her young son who seek comfort and healing at a remote coastal withdrawal after the death of the boy’s father. However, strange occurrences happen as the boy’s behaviour becomes increasingly disturbing, and the mother discovers mysterious symbols on the property. Reality blurs with supernatural elements as the family’s sanity is tested and dark secrets are revealed. 

Baskin 2015

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Baskin is a Turkish horror film directed by Can Evrenol, based on his 2013 short film of the same name. The story centres around a group of police officers who respond to a distress call and find themselves in a nightmarish empire. As they descend into a mysterious and deteriorated building, they encounter strange and monstrous characters engaged in inhuman rituals. The officers soon realise they have stumbled upon a gateway to Hell, where their deepest fears come to life. 

Dead stream 2022

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Deadstream is a 2022 horror comedy film about Shawn, a disgraced internet personality. Before the movie starts, one of Shawn’s stunt videos causes a big controversy that causes him to lose his sponsors and most fans. He is desperate to regain his followers and decides to livestream, spending the night in a notorious haunted house. But things get hilariously horrifying when he accidentally pisses off an evil spirit.  It’s a wild ride of scares and laughs as our streamer dude fights for his life (and online force) against the paranormal.

The Heretics 2017

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“The Heretics”, directed by Chad Archibald, follows a young woman named Gloria, haunted by nightmares and disturbing visions after surviving a cult ritual. As her fears intensify, Gloria discovers that she has become the target of a cult that believes she possesses a powerful entity within her. With the help of a compassionate cult survivor, Gloria tackles a terrifying journey to reveal the truth about her past and confront the evil forces that seek to claim her. 

V/H/S/99 2021

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Set in the early 2000s, “V/H/S/99” is a film that tells five gruesome stories through found footage. In “Shredding,” a punk rock band explores an abandoned art collective, clueless of the previous band’s tragic fate. “Suicide Bid” follows a girl participating in a sorority ritual that frees supernatural forces. “Ozzy’s Dungeon” features a scandalous TV host tolerating a brutal obstacle course based on his show. In “The Gawkers,” voyeuristic teens discover a horrifying secret about their neighbour. Lastly, “To Hell And Back” follows two filmmakers accidentally transported to a demonic dimension during a summoning ritual, where they must find a way to escape with the help of a tormented soul.

Immaculate 2024

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

In Immaculate, Sister Mary attempts to escape her Roman Catholic convent but is captured, buried alive, and left for dead. Sister Cecilia, who believes God saved her after a near-drowning incident, joins a convent in Italy. Strange occurrences, including Cecilia’s unexpected pregnancy as a virgin, lead her to question the convent’s practices. Driven by jealousy, Sister Isabelle tries to harm Cecilia, and other nuns treat her as a holy figure. Cecilia discovers disturbing secrets, including genetic experiments conducted by Father Tedeschi using DNA from a Holy Nail relic. She fights back, ultimately destroying the experiments and escaping with her life, but not without facing harrowing challenges and a shocking realisation about her child.

Cuckoo 2024

Cuckoo starts when 17-year-old Gretchen moves to a resort in the German Alps with her father and his new family. Mr. König, her father’s boss, is fascinated with Gretchen’s mute half-sister, Alma. As they settle in, Gretchen senses something wrong in the supposedly peaceful vacation spot. She experiences unsettling sounds and disturbing visions until she discovers a startling secret entangling her family.

The Conjuring: Last Rites

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Soon to be released

Exhuma” (Korean: 파묘) 2024

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

A supernatural horror film directed by Jang Jae-hyun, Hwa-rim is about a renowned Korean shaman hired to cure a wealthy family’s baby. She discovers an avenging ancestor’s curse and attempts to alleviate it by relocating the grave. During the process, a mishap vents an evil force connected to a hidden, ancient evil, making it even more dangerous. Hwa-rim and a team of specialists face terrifying events as they fight to uncover the truth and stop the curse before it’s too late.

Saw X 2023

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Saw X is a 2023 American horror film directed by Kevin Greutert and written by Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg. The story follows John Kramer, who seeks a cure for his brain cancer and travels to Mexico for experimental treatment. However, he discovers it’s a scam and becomes involved in Jigsaw’s deadly games along with several other victims. Cecilia is revealed to be involved in the scam, and John and Carlos are trapped in a waterboarding trap with blood. Meanwhile, Henry is left in a dangerous situation with a new trap strapped to his stomach. The film ends with Cecilia trapped and John, Amanda, and Carlos escaping.

Witchboard 1986

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

The film, directed by Kevin Tenney, is about a group of friends who experiment with an Ouija board to contact a familiar spirit but end up calling an evil entity instead. A woman decides to use the board alone and becomes the target of relentless harassment by the evil spirit, which wants to possess her body. The film explores the consequences of meddling with the supernatural and highlights the importance of respecting boundaries between the living and the spirit realm.

Rambut Kafan 2024

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Rambut Kafan is an Indonesian movie about Anwar, a successful businessman, and his daughter Tari, who cares for her sick mother, Mirna. After Mirna’s death, Anwar’s younger brother Suban arrives and wants a share of the family inheritance. Tari becomes suspicious of Suban’s actions and starts investigating with Navi’s help. They discover suspicious things about Suban, his father, Navi, and a woman named Gendis, suspected of having black magic. The story contains mystical incidents and mysterious people who terrorise Tari’s life.

Death of Vlogger 2019

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Death of a Vlogger is a Scottish horror/mystery-founded footage film about a declining vlogger named Graham who gains popularity by capturing evidence of the supernatural. However, a professional journalist and debunker exposes his work as fake. Graham’s behaviour becomes increasingly unhinged as the hauntings intensify, and he sets out to spend one more night in his flat to clear his name. During that night, he is attacked by a ghostly figure and appears to be caught in a spatial loop. After the incident, he returns to social media, insisting that the haunting was real. The film ends with Graham hanging himself just before a piece of paper levitates, leaving the viewer to decide how much of it is real.

The Den 2013

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“The Den,” directed by Zachary Donohue, is an American slasher film. Elizabeth Benton, a sociology graduate student, logs into a social media site called The Den, where she chats with random strangers. Her project aims to measure meaningful conversations. With the help of her friend Sally, she obtains a grant for her research. As Elizabeth continues chatting, her account gets hacked, and her webcam is frequently turned on without her consent.

The hacker reveals that they have witnessed Elizabeth having sex and sends the compromising video to her graduate board. Elizabeth takes the evidence to the police, but they dismiss it as a fake. She stumbles upon a realistic depiction of a death during a game of Russian roulette, causing her to suspect illegal play. However, both the police and other users of The Den are unhelpful.

Elizabeth’s boyfriend, Damien, is kidnapped, and her friend Jenni is drawn to her house and subsequently kidnapped. Sally, who doesn’t believe Elizabeth’s claims of being hacked, informs her that the sex video has been shared with the entire graduate board. Elizabeth receives a message showing the attackers stalking her pregnant sister, Lynn. Despite her efforts to warn Lynn, the message is deleted.

Elizabeth finds Jenni in an apparent suicide attempt, and later, the attackers target Lynn but suddenly leave. One of the attackers, posing as a police officer, follows Elizabeth back to her home. She receives a chat request from Max, a friend, which reveals the lead detective being murdered at Max’s house. Elizabeth’s attempts to seek help result in finding the officer guarding her murdered. A hooded figure attacks her, but manages to escape.

Elizabeth wakes up in an abandoned complex, chained to a wall. She is forced to chat with Damien, who informs her of multiple attackers. She witnesses Max being killed and is then followed by the killers. She briefly escapes but is captured again and taken back to the complex. The film cuts to another woman, Brianne, who chats on The Den and witnesses a recording of Elizabeth’s death. It is revealed that the killers exploit The Den to lure victims and sell snuff film narratives on a website.

Ultimately, a man is about to pay for Brianne’s narrative but is interrupted by his son.

Savageland 2015

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Savageland is about An off-grid town called Sangre de Cristo on the Arizona-Mexico border experiencing a horrifying event, causing all 57 residents to vanish overnight, leaving behind only bloody trails. The surviving individual, an illegal immigrant, becomes the primary suspect. However, a roll of photos he took that night reveals a different narrative.

Leaving D.C. 2012

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Josh Cris directed Leaving D.C., which starts with Mark Klein moving to the remote wilds of West Virginia to find solace after living in Washington, D.C., for 20 years. To ease his loneliness, he sends regular video updates to his OCD support group back in the city. However, he soon realises he may be with others in his isolated setting. Something from the endless woods surrounding his home is watching him. 

Son 2021

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Son is a 2021 Irish-American horror thriller written and directed by Ivan Kavanagh. Laura, a woman who escaped a cult, lives a normal life with her son David. One night, Laura witnesses strange figures around David, and his health declines rapidly. Despite suspicion from the police, David recovers mysteriously. As David’s illness returns and worsens, Laura discovers a horrifying truth – a demonic entity from the cult possesses David. Fleeing and desperate, Laura learns David regains health by consuming human flesh. In a tragic twist, Laura’s friend is killed by David.  Laura attempts to sacrifice David to the demon to save him, but a detective intervenes. The film ends with a shocking reveal – the detective is a cult member who feeds David his flesh, completing the demon’s possession.

The Cleaning Hour 2019

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“The Cleansing Hour”, directed by Damien LeVeck, in which childhood friends Max and Drew host a popular livestream show where they stage exorcisms for entertainment and profit. During one episode, Drew’s fiancée Lane unexpectedly becomes genuinely possessed, wreaking havoc on the crew and forcing Max and Drew to confront their dark secrets. As the possessed viewers multiply, it is revealed that the demon is Lucifer himself, using the livestream to possess millions of people worldwide. Confusion happens, with even the President’s son falling victim. The credits roll shows the widespread mayhem caused by the possessed individuals.

You are not my Mother, 2021

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“You Are Not My Mother” is an Irish psychological horror film written and directed by Kate Dolan. The film follows Char, a teenage girl living with her mother, Angela and grandmother Rita. Angela mysteriously disappears, but returns transformed, exhibiting strange behaviour. Char becomes fearful as Angela’s behaviour escalates, and her uncle Aaron is poisoned. Char befriends a former bully named Suzanne, who shares her tragic past. Rita reveals that Char was once switched with a changeling, leading to a ritual involving fire. Rita believes the “new” Angela is also a changeling and plans to repeat the ritual. However, Char realises too late that the real Angela is in danger. The changeling kills Rita, but Char manages to set it on fire, saving herself. Ultimately, the real Angela is restored, and Char gives her a lucky token, symbolising their reunion and a fresh start.

Une nuit terrible 1896

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Georges Méliès directed this horror film in which a weary man tries to sleep after a long day. However, his plans are disrupted when a massive spider appears on his bed. Armed with a broom, he attempts to fight back, but the spider proves difficult to defeat. The intense battle leaves him unable to rest, and sleep becomes elusive in the aftermath.

The House of Devil 2009

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“The House of the Devil” is an American horror film Ti West wrote, directed, and edited. Samantha, a financially struggling college student, takes a babysitting job for Mr. Ulman. Her friend Megan gives her a ride to the remote mansion, but Megan is fatally shot by a stranger named Victor. Samantha discovers old family photos that reveal the true residents of the house.

Disturbed by strange noises and the arrival of Victor delivering pizza, Samantha calls 911 but pretends it was accidental. She investigates upstairs but faints due to drugged pizza. She awakens during a lunar eclipse and finds herself part of a ritual led by the Ulman family. Samantha escapes after killing Mother, Victor, and Mrs. Ulman. However, she sees horrifying visions of Mother and is pursued by Mr. Ulman. In the end, Samantha shoots herself. The next day, it is revealed that she survived her suicide attempt and is pregnant.

The Last House on the Left 2009

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“The Last House on the Left” is a revenge horror thriller directed by Dennis Iliadis. The Collingwood family—Emma, John, and their daughter Mari—go on vacation to their lake house. Mari and her friend Paige meet Justin, who invites them to his motel room. Unknown to them, Justin’s family members, Krug, Sadie, and Francis, are criminals on the run. They kidnap Mari and Paige, using their car to flee. Mari attempts to escape but is caught. Paige is brutally murdered, and Krug rapes Mari before shooting her while she swims. Seeking shelter from a storm, the gang ends up at a neighbouring house—Mari’s parents’ home. Discovering their daughter’s fate, Emma and John seek revenge. After a violent conflict, they escape with Mari and Justin. John returns to the cabin, paralyses Krug, and kills him by detonating his head in a microwave.

The Wailing 2016

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“The Wailing” is a South Korean horror film directed by Na Hong-jin. In a small village called Gokseong, a mysterious Japanese man and his dog arrive, coinciding with a deadly infection that turns villagers into deranged killers. Police officer Jong-goo encounters a woman who claims the Japanese man is an evil spirit responsible for the mess. As Jong-goo investigates, he experiences disturbing dreams and discovers evidence linking the stranger to the murders. Jong-goo’s daughter becomes infected, leading to tragic events. With the help of a Japanese-speaking deacon, Jong-goo confronts the stranger, but the situation spirals out of control. Eventually, he learns the true nature of the demonic presence and makes a fateful decision. The film ends with a deleted scene showing the Japanese man encountering another family before disappearing with the help of another character.

Train to Busan 2016

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“Train to Busan” is a South Korean action horror film directed by Yeon Sang-ho. The story follows Seok-woo, a workaholic fund manager and divorced father, who decides to accompany his daughter Su-an on her birthday trip to Busan to see her mother. They board a train, but as the journey begins, a zombie outbreak ruins the country. The infection spreads rapidly on the train, and a group of survivors, including Seok-woo, Su-an, and other passengers, fight through the infected cars to reach safety. They face numerous challenges and sacrifices along the way, including encounters with other survivors who are more interested in self-preservation than helping others. Eventually, they reach a blockade near Busan, forcing them to find an alternative route. The film starts with a desperate struggle for survival as they confront the zombies and finally push to reach Busan. Despite losses and sacrifices, Su-an and another survivor manage to reach the city, where they encounter military snipers who spare them after hearing Su-an singing, symbolising hope amid the devastation.

Stopmotion 2023

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“Stop-motion” is a British live-action/adult animated psychological horror film directed by Robert Morgan. It tells the story of Suzanne Blake, a stop-motion animator with arthritis who enlists her daughter Ella’s help to complete her latest film. When Suzanne falls into a coma after a stroke, Ella takes it upon herself to finish the film.

Ella decides to rent a studio apartment to continue working on the film, where she encounters a young girl living in the same building. The girl suggests a new story involving a young girl lost in the woods and introduces the concept of the “Ash Man.” Ella becomes immersed in the new storyline, even using unconventional materials like spoiled steak to make the figures more realistic.

As Ella struggles with a creative block, she turns to LSD for inspiration, given to her by Tom’s sister, Polly. However, the hallucinations and the blurring of reality become increasingly disturbing. Ella realises that the Ash Man from her film haunts her, and she begins to lose touch with reality.

Desperate to complete the film, Ella remakes the Ash Man puppet using a fox corpse. The story turns dark, and Ella’s actions become increasingly violent and dreadful. She strangles the girl but finds her unharmed moments later. Ella’s obsession with the film leads her to kill Tom and Polly and incorporate their flesh into the figures.

Ultimately, Ella willingly allows the Ash Man to consume her face, made of mortician’s wax. The film ends with Ella entering a cabin in the forest, mirroring the film’s storyline, while the girl watches footage of Ella bleeding to death on her apartment floor.

Night Swim 2024

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

The story starts with a previous scene. In 1992, young Rebecca Summers was dragged underwater while retrieving her brother’s toy boat from their family pool. In the present day, the Waller family—Ray, Eve, and their children Izzy and Elliot—move into a new house with a self-sustaining pool to aid Ray’s illness. Ray’s condition improves, but strange occurrences and attacks in the pool raise concerns. Eve discovers that previous owners sacrificed their daughter, Rebecca, to the pool’s entity for healing powers. Ray becomes controlled by the entity, and Eve, Izzy, and Elliot fight to save themselves. Ray sacrifices himself to protect his children, and the family decides to fill the pool to prevent more harm.

The First Omen 2024

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Immaculate might have beaten it to the nun-in-peril punch, but Arkasha Stevenson’s Damien origin story is a surprisingly smart and insidious paranoid thriller. An intense Nell Tiger Free is a revelation as the American novitiate in Rome is drawn into a Vatican plot of biblical balances. Full of ’70s vibes, disturbing imagery, unexpected jolts, and interesting things to say about the hypocrisy of organised religion, the result strongly claims to be the best Omen film since the ‘76 original.

Consecration 2023

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“Consecration” is a supernatural horror-thriller film directed by Christopher Smith. A woman from England arrives at a convent on the Isle of Skye to uncover the truth about her brother’s death—a priest who was also a suspect in a murder investigation. As she delves into the mysteries surrounding her brother and the convent, she realises that she possesses strange powers from her childhood, although she has no memory of her past. Determined to discover the secrets hidden within the convent, she undertakes a journey in Scotland that will reveal the dark truths creeping within its walls.

When Evil Lurks 2023

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“When Evil Lurks” (Spanish: “Cuando acecha la maldad”) is a supernatural horror film written and directed by Demián Rugna. Brothers Pedro and Jaime stumble upon a gruesome discovery—a half-body of a man—which leads them to a nearby shed where an older woman named María Elena and her two sons are hiding. The eldest son, Uriel, is possessed by an unborn demon. María Elena had hired a “Cleaner” to eliminate Uriel and prevent the demon’s birth. However, the authorities ignore the situation. Confusion follows as the demonic possession spreads, leading to horrific acts of violence and despair. The brothers, along with their family members, must navigate the terrifying ordeal and confront the evil presence before it claims more lives.

Huesera the Bone Woman 2022

Antrum And 34 Other Cursed Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

“Huesera: The Bone Woman” is a Mexican-Peruvian supernatural body horror film directed and co-written by Michelle Garza Cervera. Valeria’s joy over her pregnancy turns into despair when she falls under the curse of an evil spirit. As danger dominates and her familial bonds fracture, she finds herself thrust into a haunting kingdom of sinister witchcraft that poses a grave threat to her well-being.

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