Is Antrum Cursed? Every Death That Happened After Watching.

Is Antrum Cursed? Every Death That Happened After Watching.

Is Antrum Cursed? You Better Believe It or not, but after knowing its history, you will believe. Let me tell you about the most chilling, spine-tingling, and downright bizarre film you’ll ever see – Antrum. This movie is no ordinary flick. It’s like a rabbit hole straight into the heart of darkness, a cinematic experience that’ll have you jumping out of your seat from start to finish.

Now, the legend surrounding Antrum is enough to make your skin crawl. They say it’s cursed, can you believe that? Yep, cursed. And not just your average run-of-the-mill curse, no sir. This one’s got a sinister reputation that’ll have you checking under your bed before bed; I can tell you that much.

Is Antrum Cursed?

According to some past incidents, Antrum is believed to be cursed.

Every Death That Happened After Watching Antrum

Film Festival Rejection and Curse

Back in 1979, a mysterious film called Antrum surfaced, and let me tell you, it was anything but your average movie. Antrum was supposedly filmed in English, but there was something decidedly Bulgarian about it. No one could pinpoint where it came from or how it was submitted to film festivals everywhere. But what’s interesting is what happened after those festivals turned it down.

They’d likely move on to the next submission. Well, not in this case. Every single festival director who rejected Antrum met some suspicious ends. 

Is Antrum Cursed? Every Death That Happened After Watching.

Janet Hilberg was one of the first victims of the film. She suffered a fatal seizure after a screening of Antrum and died. Next was Tom Stylum. He died of electrocution. The last at that time was Joe Barringer. He met his fate when he was stung by a stonefish. The exact way the remaining four victims died remains unknown, though their disappearances are also linked to the Antrum movie. 

I’m talking about unexplained accidents, strange illnesses, the whole nine yards. 

Budapest Theater Fire Incident 1988

After that, it was again mysteriously aired in 1988 in Budapest, and again, it was the cause of death as during its screening, a fire—initially believed to be the result of a faulty projector—burns the theater to the ground. Investigators later determined that audience members set the fire themselves. Almost 56 people died in that incident. It was assumed the film reel also burnt with that fire, but it was safe.

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San Fransisco Theater Incident 1993

The film again went unseen for many years until it was screened in a theater in California, San Fransisco, in 1993. Before the film, a concession stand worker doses popcorn with LSD. And watching horror movies, people stormed towards the exit. 

Still, the audience discovered that they were all locked in, resulting in a riot that led to the deaths of several people, including a pregnant woman. Antrum then disappeared for almost twenty years before entering 2018’s Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made. Following this screening, all film copies vanish, and it earns a reputation as being cursed.

Discovery of mysterious film Antrum 2018

In 2018, a copy of the mysterious film Antrum was discovered, sparking the interest of a documentary crew. They decided to investigate its history and impact.

Despite Antrum’s origins remaining a mystery, scientists and film experts who analyzed the 35mm reel found some fascinating properties. 

Is Antrum Cursed? Every Death That Happened After Watching.

They determined that the film incorporates disorienting sounds and subliminal imagery, unlike anything they had seen before. As the documentary crew dug deeper, they made an even more disturbing discovery. Snippets of what appeared to be a snuff film – gruesome, black-and-white footage unrelated to the original Antrum – had been spliced into the movie by an unknown party.

Intrigued by these strange findings, the documentary team decided to present Antrum in its entirety for the first time in 25 years, allowing audiences to experience the film in all its enigmatic glory.

The reappearance of this lost and cursed movie piqued the interest of experts and the public. What secrets and horrors did Antrum hold? The documentary would provide a rare opportunity to find out as the mystery of this one-of-a-kind film finally evolved.

Directed byDavid Amito, Michael Laicini
Written byDavid Amito, Michael Laicini
Produced byEric Thirteen, David Bond, David Amito, Michael Laicini
StarringNicole Tompkins, Rowan Smyth, Dan Istrate, Circus-Szalewski, Shu Sakimoto, Kristel Elling
CinematographyMaksymilian Milczarczyk
Music byAlicia Fricker
Production companyElse Films
Distributed byUncork’d Entertainment
Release date14 October 2018 (Brooklyn Horror Film Festival)
Running time95 minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Romanian, Japanese

What is Antrum Movie About?

Is Antrum Cursed? Every Death That Happened After Watching.

It all starts with a pair of siblings, Oralee and Nathan, whose beloved family dog, Maxine, has recently passed away. And when their mom tries to give him a hard time about Maxine going to “Hell” because she was a “bad dog,” that really messes with Nathan’s head.

Nathans Nightmare

Things start to go off the rails when Nathan has this nightmare where Maxine suddenly turns on him, leading to her being put down. Understandably, the poor kid is completely shaken up by this, and he starts experiencing some pretty disturbing visions and dreams involving demons.

Finding of Special Book

Is Antrum Cursed? Every Death That Happened After Watching.

Oralee, the ever-resourceful big sis, claims she’s gotten her hands on this special occult book from a friend. She convinces Nathan that they can use it to dig a hole in Hell and rescue Maxine’s soul.

Suicide Forest

Oralee’s got this whole plan all figured out, right? She’s going to take Nathan to this local forest with a reputation for suicides, make him do all these “rituals” and “rites,” and then have him magically find Maxine’s collar as a sign that they’ve succeeded. Sounds legit, right? Well, not so much. 

Is Antrum Cursed? Every Death That Happened After Watching.

As the day passes, Oralee realizes that her little “spells” are conjuring up some real supernatural stuff. And if that wasn’t enough, they stumble upon a dude trying to commit seppuku and a rotting corpse near their campsite. The sibling duo is way over their heads, but Oralee is determined to see this through, no matter how out of control things get.

First Night in Suicide Forest

The first night the siblings Oralee and Nathan spend in the woods, little Nathan sneaks out of the tent and sees some disturbing stuff. Like the mythical Charon ferrying souls to the underworld, he spots a figure rowing a boat on the nearby stream. And if that wasn’t creepy enough, Nathan also hears the telltale rattling of Cerberus, the three-headed guard dog of Hades.

Cannibals in Forest 

The next day, things go from bad to worse when Oralee and Nathan stumble upon a pair of cannibalistic freaks in the forest. These sicko’s have rigged up a giant iron statue of the demon Baphomet, and they’re using it to cook people alive! 

Is Antrum Cursed? Every Death That Happened After Watching.

They even grab the guy they saw trying to off himself the day before and toss him right in. When the cannibals spot Oralee and Nathan, the quick-thinking sister tries to escape the boat, Nathan saw earlier. But they fall in the water and return to their camp.

Maxine’s Soul

As night falls, Oralee fesses up to Nathan that her whole “rescue Maxine’s soul” plan was just a ruse. But Nathan claims he met Ike, who told him not to trust Oralee! The plot thickens.

The next morning, the cannibals capture the siblings and try to cook Nathan alive. But Oralee busts out of her cage and blasts those sickos with a gun, saving her brother. 

As Nathan flees, he stumbles across a dog stuck in a bear trap. Freeing the pup, he takes it as a sign he’s rescued Maxine’s soul from the underworld. But when you think it’s all over, the film shows Oralee running through the woods, being pursued by demons and having terrifying visions. She hides in the tent, gun in hand, ready to blast Nathan when he comes back. And that’s where the movie abruptly ends!

Analyzation done by Scholars.

Scholars who analyzed the film say there’s some serious demonic symbolism, with a rune for the demon Astaroth popping up everywhere. This thing is cursed, with a history of tragedies attached to it. Wild stuff, right? I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to see how this supernatural nightmare ends.

The Antrum Directors Wanted Audiences To Feel Terrified Again

The marketing for the film “Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made” seemed a little too effective. However, according to the directors, David Amito and Michael Laicini, that was exactly the goal.

In an interview with Fangoria in 2019, the duo revealed that they devised the viral marketing strategy for “Antrum” because they felt modern horror movies weren’t scary anymore. 

As Amito put it, 

“Between the two of us, Mike and I have digested a lot of horror movies. By now, the rush of being truly and deeply scared by a film is just not easily accomplished anymore. My fear receptors are fried when it comes to scary movies. I’ve seen too much.”

Laicini expanded on this, explaining that the “cursed film” reputation and immersive marketing were meant to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

“I like to think of this as a never-before-seen kind of character-driven movie because ultimately, you play the ultimate role in this experience too,” he said. “It’s the first horror movie where not only can the characters be killed … you can too.”

Judging by the controversy the movie caused and the fact that people are still talking about it, it seems Amito and Laicini achieved their objective with “Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made” – even if the curse (and any associated deaths) were entirely fictional.


So, if you like to headfirst into the weird and the wonderful, Antrum might be the movie for you. Just be warned – once you start watching, you might not be able to look away, no matter how much your gut tells you to. It’s like a cinematic rabbit hole, and there’s no telling where it might lead.

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