Exclusive: From Fair Isle to Fierce: Shocking Claudia Winkleman’s Killer Fashion in The Traitors!


The Scottish landscape in the background is warm and filled with hues that act as a dramatic backdrop to the majestic castle in the foreground. On the left side, you can see the outline of three cloaked figures huddled around a well. 


However, the most striking character stands in the centre, exuding confidence, wearing a heavy, fringed, plum-coloured velvet smoking jacket.

But the mastermind behind Winkleman’s stunning looks isn’t some high-profile designer; it’s stylist Sinead McKeefry. With only two weeks’ notice for the first season, McKeefry conjured 26 unique outfits, blending high-street finds with haute couture and championing smaller labels. 

No wonder viewers are clamouring to know where Winkleman’s statement knits and eye-catching jackets come from (McKeefry receives 600 social media messages after each episode!).

“Claudia’s look adds a certain tone to the program,” says executive producer Mike Cotton. Winkleman’s fashion choices reflect the show’s dramatic twists and turns. In one episode, she might don a “funeral chic” velvet jacket, while in the next, she’s rocking a vibrant red balloon-sleeve jumper that sold out within hours of airing.


McKeefry isn’t afraid to push boundaries. Winkleman’s wardrobe is a riot of oversized knits, leather trousers, ruffles, lace, and boxy blazers – a punk-infused ode to the British countryside. “She’s nailed it,” says fashion journalist Stephanie Yeboah, calling Winkleman a “great model” for this unique aesthetic.

Designer Karina Bond agrees, “The Traitors has such a distinctive aesthetic, from the set to the fashion. Claudia looks sharp; there are no distractions, yet the clothes are all statement pieces.” 

Bond believes this is why Winkleman’s fashion choices significantly impact sales more than big-name celebrities.


With the second season’s success and a third already in the pipeline, the question on everyone’s lips is: what will Winkleman wear next? McKeefry, true to form, remains tight-lipped: “You’ll just have to wait and see. But I’ve already started a mood board.”

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So, as the thrilling game of The Traitors unfolds, keep an eye on Winkleman’s dazzling outfits. They’re not just fashion statements but subtle clues to the drama and intrigue hidden within the majestic Scottish castle walls.

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