Touchdown & Taylor! Kelce Throws Up Swift’s Heart Hands and Spread Love (and Maybe Shade) After Touchdown!


NFL star Travis Kelce throws shade at Taylor Swift’s signature move! Was it sweet love to the camera or a spicy message to rivals?

Travis Kelce is opening up about what inspired him to show off one of his girlfriend Taylor Swift’s signature moves on the field.

The Kansas City Chief’s tight end formed a heart with his hands at Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills after scoring a touchdown during the second quarter. On Wednesday’s episode of his New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce podcast, he explained to his older brother, Jason Kelce, that he was inspired to make the move to bring positivity to the sport.

“Yeah, man, had to spread the love, baby,” Travis said. “Always got to spread that love, baby.”

Cameras caught Travis making a move, seemingly in the direction of the suite where his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, was seated with members of the Kelce family. But Travis said that the gesture was mainly for Bills fans, who he said for Taylor Swift “understandably” greeted him with “a lot of hate.”


“It’s a football game,” Travis said after Jason reminded him that “it’s supposed to be” competitive. “The Bills, coming into their house, want to make it rowdy. Did it get a little disrespectful? 1,000%. 1,000%. Did they get a little extra? 1,000%.”

Asked what they said, Travis played coy. “I’m not going to say because that’s what they want,” he told Jason. “They want to feel… I’m not going to relay it. But some things were said about the family, some pretty inappropriate things were said about [teammate Patrick] Mahomes. It was, it was pretty wack.”


“I get it, I get it,” he continued. “Coming into a hostile environment, I respect it. But I just wanted to make sure they knew it wasn’t mutual. I don’t hate you guys like you hate us. It’s all love. It’s all love, baby.”

Jason, for his part, didn’t see it that way. “They don’t hate us,” insisted the Philadelphia Eagles center, who was seen taking shots with Bills fans before the game. “I was with them; they love you!”


Travis had a different view of Bills fans earlier in the podcast.

“I have to tip my hat to Bills Mafia,” he said. “It’s such an awesome atmosphere playing up there. It was so much fun. They brought the energy; they got rowdy for every single play, every single third down we had, and they made it fun. I can’t thank Bills Mafia [enough] for showing up and showing out like they did and making that environment a memorable one for everyone involved. It was electric.”

“If your dreams aren’t bigger than you, then there’s a problem with your dreams,” Travis said, quoting NFL legend and current Colorado football coach Deion Sanders and noting that it’s one of his “favorite quotes” that reminds him to “shoot for the stars.”

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