Review of Abigail and Film Summary Discover Everything Here.

Review of Abigail and Film Summary Discover Everything Here.

Film Summary: “Abigail” has been touted as a remake of the 1936 film “Dracula’s Daughter” since its announcement a year ago. The movie revolves around the character of Abigail, who happens to be Dracula’s daughter. However, the only genuine surprise in the film is if you were unaware of this fact before watching. Beyond that, the movie is a relentlessly dull and repetitive combination of blood-soaked genres.

Film Summary

  • “Abigail” is marketed as a remake of “Dracula’s Daughter.”
  • The film centers around Abigail, who is revealed to be Dracula’s daughter.
  • The movie lacks surprises or twists, with the revelation about Abigail’s identity being the only real surprise.
  • The film features excessive blood and violence.
  • Melissa Barrera’s performance in “Abigail” is criticized for lacking depth and falling flat compared to the rest of the cast.
Release Year2024
DirectorMatt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett
CastKathryn Newton, Dan Stevens, Giancarlo Esposito, Kevin Durand, Melissa Barrera, Alisha Weir, Angus Cloud, William Catlett
Release DateApril 19, 2024
Main GenreHorror
WritersGuy Busick, Stephen Shields

In “Abigail,” the film skillfully blends multiple subgenres, including locked door mystery, slasher film, haunted house, and the classic vampire story. It’s as if the creative minds behind Radio Silence couldn’t settle on just one favorite and decided to serve up a delightful mix of them all. 

Review of Abigail and Film Summary Discover Everything Here.

Surprisingly, the monstrous little ballerina, a central character, doesn’t dominate the screen time as expected. Instead, the movie takes a bold and often-used approach of pitting a diverse and eccentric cast of characters against each other, reminiscent of the House on Haunted Hill concept. 

This choice proves to be both inspiring and engaging, especially considering the talent Universal brought together for this project. “Abigail” delivers an energetic and entertaining experience, showcasing the filmmakers’ versatility and the collaborative efforts of the industry’s top talents.

‘Abigail’ Shines with a Quirky and Talented Cast in the Horror Genre

Kathryn Newton, known for her role in Lisa Frankenstein, delivers a standout performance as Sammy, the crew’s lovable and slightly ditzy techie. She shares the title of best comedic relief with the late Angus Cloud, whose presence in the film is hilarious and bittersweet. It’s a shame we won’t see more of his talent, especially in this film. 

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Together with Kevin Durand, they form the crew’s lighthearted, less intelligent half, providing some comic relief to balance the serious tone.

Conversely, Melissa Barrera and Dan Stevens bring depth and seriousness to their respective roles. In his characteristic unhinged style, Stevens portrays the ruthless and intelligent Frank, reminiscent of his memorable performances in Legion and The Guest.

Review of Abigail and Film Summary Discover Everything Here.

However, the real magic happens when Abigail, played by Alisha Weir, confronts Stevens’ character. The clash between the two is electrifying, as they both adopt the silliness of their roles with zeal. 

Their performances are a treat to watch. They showcase their commitment to the material and create memorable moments on screen. It’s refreshing to see Stevens deviate from the typical action-hero archetype and embody characters with twisted personalities and God complexes.

Radio Silence’s directing team truly shines when they fully adopt the gore and horror elements of the film. Their skill in depicting the violent implosion of vampires is captivating, akin to the explosive reaction of popping bottles when Mentos are dropped in. These moments highlight the directors’ talent for visually striking and intense scenes.

Melissa Barrera’s Performance Falls Short in ‘Abigail’s Final Girl Role

In an otherwise enjoyable and delightfully cheesy film, Melissa Barrera’s portrayal is the one aspect that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Compared to her talented castmates, her performance feels lacking and uninspired, resembling more of a first read-through rather than a final product. 

From the beginning, it’s evident to the audience that she’s the designated Important Character, but unfortunately, she fails to earn any sympathy or connection. She exists as a conventionally attractive presence, fulfilling the role of the final girl without displaying much interest in doing so—a stark contrast to her performance in Scream.

Review of Abigail and Film Summary Discover Everything Here.

Her character’s trajectory is unsurprising, which becomes even more predictable due to her formulaic “straight-man” routine. While Dan Stevens gets the opportunity to embrace the madness, Barrera’s character passively delivers snarky remarks and acts aloof. She feels like a robot among a crew of vibrant characters, delivering exposition and monologues with a stiffness that would make even C-3PO envious. 

There’s a lack of vitality in her portrayal. Unlike the other characters, who face the threat of being picked off individually, I never felt worried about her well-being throughout the film. If anything, seeing her tossed around like a ragdoll by the vampires provides a brief respite from her cardboard cutout nature.

It could be the acting style reminiscent of Riverdale-adjacent Gen-Z performances or the result of watching movies with predictable scripts that fail to push boundaries as much as possible. ‘Abigail’ has moments that feel like paint-by-numbers horror, filled with exposition dumps that disrupt the flow of the suspenseful and gory narrative. 

It reflects the tendency of big-budget studio horror films to control the audience, ensuring they aren’t too frightened by the end.

To their credit, directors Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett make the most of the limited narrative scope. Given his evident enjoyment, while drenched in fake blood, this leaves me wondering if Dan Stevens will become a frequent collaborator. Their action sequences are among the film’s highlights, providing thrilling and entertaining moments. 

I can’t fault them too much when they’ve openly admitted to using a blood cannon to achieve the desired level of gore.

Review of Abigail and Film Summary Discover Everything Here.

While the trademark meta approach may not fully land in ‘Abigail,’ it remains an enjoyable Friday night popcorn movie, particularly due to Alisha Weir’s standout performance. She undergoes a remarkable transformation from her role in Matilda, almost appearing to be an entirely different person—or vampire. As someone typically not easily impressed by child actors, I was pleasantly surprised by Weir’s portrayal, which is nearly as unhinged as Stevens’. 

With a bit more screen time, she could have reached his level of intensity. It’s puzzling why a vampire movie features so little of its titular bloodsucker, but Weir’s performance is a strong addition to the vampire canon, giving little old Claudia a run for her money.

What is the movie Abigail about?

The film focuses on a group of kidnappers who capture and must watch over Abigail, the daughter of a powerful underworld figure from whom they demand a $50 million ransom. However, they soon get more than they bargain for when they realize they are trapped inside with no ordinary little girl.

The Plot of ‘Abigail’

In ‘Abigail,’ a group of eccentric characters undertakes a mission to investigate strange occurrences in an abandoned mansion. Led by Sammy (Kathryn Newton), they soon discover that the mansion holds a dark secret. As they explore further, supernatural phenomena escalate, setting the stage for a battle against evil.

Amidst the chaos, the clash between Abigail (Alisha Weir) and Frank (Dan Stevens) becomes the crux of the story. Abigail possesses mysterious powers while Frank is a formidable adversary. Their interactions gradually reveal their true nature and intentions.

Review of Abigail and Film Summary Discover Everything Here.

As the crew faces increasing danger, tensions rise, and alliances are tested. Initially presented as the final girl, Melissa Barrera’s character takes an unexpected turn, defying traditional horror tropes.

Under the direction of Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett, the film delivers intense and visually striking scenes. The climax unveils the true nature of the mansion’s supernatural presence, leading to a thrilling conclusion. The crew must confront their fears and make sacrifices to overcome the evil lurking within.

‘Abigail’ weaves supernatural secrets, unexpected character arcs, and hair-raising encounters. The film provides a thrilling and engaging experience with dramatic twists and memorable performances. It blurs the line between the living and the supernatural, culminating in a revelation-filled finale.

Abigail is out in US and UK cinemas on 19 April.

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