“Out of Darkness”: Everything You Need To Know. Complete Review.

Out of Darkness

The Big Picture

In the Stone Age horror film “Out of Darkness,” fear takes center stage. Imagine a world where survival hinges on instincts, where the greatest threat isn’t a tangible monster but the abyss of the unknown. Director Andrew Cumming’s feature debut masterfully weaves suspense, primal terror, and unexpected revelations.

Plot Summary

Set 45,000 years ago, the film introduces us to a disparate group of early humans: Beyah, Adem, Geirr, Ave, Odal, and Heron. These intrepid travelers have landed in an unfamiliar land (Scotland, in reality), seeking refuge from danger.

Out of Darkness

Their survival depends on more than food and shelter; something lurks in the darkness, stalking them relentlessly. Is it a stealthy Cloverfield-esque creature? A malevolent force? Their minds race with possibilities as they grapple with fear and uncertainty.

In Out of Darkness, Kate Kiesler introduces us to Zac, a hardworking teenager living in an Appalachian coal mining town during the early 20th century. Zac’s life takes a turn when his father loses his life in a tragic mine accident, leaving him in a desperate situation to support his family financially. Facing heavy demands, Zac finds an unexpected friend: Elijah, a boy discriminated against due to his African-American heritage.

Out of Darkness

Theirs is a friendship forged through shared hardships, with Elijah facing constant discrimination and Zac battling against societal expectations and his family’s dire need. Yet, the bond between the two boys shines as a beacon of hope and humanity, transcending the tension and intolerance of their community.

Secrets Underground and Bravery Unveiled

The story’s heart unravels as Zac finds his father’s secret maps leading to a hidden coal seam. Faced with the risk of illegal mining, Zac takes a leap of faith, guided by his determination to protect his family’s future. Agreeing to work together in secrecy, the boys embark on a dangerous adventure beneath the earth, exploring the labyrinth of tunnels to extract the unrevealed treasures.

Out of Darkness

The story takes a chilling turn when a deadly gas explosion threatens their escape and shakes up the entire town. With immense courage, Zac and Elijah survive the explosion and escape the dangerous tunnels. Their brave adventure profoundly alters their lives and reshapes their town’s perception.

Confronting Prejudices and Challenging Norms

The explosion’s aftermath sends ripples through the town’s close-knit community. Zac and Elijah’s actions generate a surge of confusion mixed with admiration, challenging the deeply ingrained stereotypes and racial prejudices existing within the community, prompting the townsfolk to question their own beliefs and change their attitudes towards racial discrimination.

However, Zac and Elijah must pay a heavy price for their bravery. The boys are apprehended for stealing the coal and sentenced to a reform school. This event marks a bitter-sweet victory; they have not only managed to save their families from financial ruin, but they have also significantly impacted their society’s mindset.

Unfailing Hope and Enduring Friendship

Ultimately, Out of Darkness merges into a nascent change and hope narrative. Zac and Elijah’s actions have sown seeds of change in their town’s perception of race and friendship. The boys’ story leaves a lingering influence on the townsfolk, motivating them to rethink their age-old biases and paving the way for the possible acceptance of a more inclusive society.

The book concludes on a heartwarming note, with the vivid portrayal of a steadfast friendship that defies societal norms, an unyielding faith in humanity, and a powerful testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Out of Darkness

Themes and Revelations

As the film unfolds, it becomes clear that the darkness threatening the group isn’t merely literal—it symbolizes ignorance. Much like life itself, salvation eludes those who face the world alone. Even those who sacrifice others to save themselves find no refuge from the looming darkness.

Out of Darkness

Ruth Greenberg’s script keeps us guessing until the final act, where revelations elevate the narrative to greater heights.

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Visual Mastery

Cumming’s commitment to authenticity immerses us in the Stone Age. The invented language, natural landscapes, and effective lighting enhance the experience. When characters are swallowed by darkness, the lighting design kicks the tension up a notch, leaving us breathless.

Out of Darkness

“Out of Darkness” isn’t groundbreaking in its journey but taps into fascinating thematic territory. As the clan grapples with the unknown, we’re reminded that fear transcends time. Whether you’re a horror aficionado or a curious viewer, this film will leave you haunted by its primal echoes.

Out of Darkness Trailer

Note: “Out of Darkness” is an often jaw-dropping horror debut that arrives at a more substantive conclusion. When the characters are swallowed up by darkness, effective lighting kicks the experience up a notch.

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