The X Factor: Shocking Scenes of the Hit Talent Show

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The X Factor, the popular TV show that launched the careers of many stars, has been the subject of a new BBC Radio 4 podcast that reveals some of the secrets and controversies behind the scenes. The podcast, Offstage: Inside The X Factor, features interviews with former contestants and staff members who share their experiences and insights on the show from 2004 to 2018.

The podcast reveals that the show had a coding system to identify hopefuls who might “kick-off” at the auditions, meaning they would react angrily or violently to the judges’ feedback. These contestants were marked as PKO (potential kick-off) and were more likely to be put in front of the judges for entertainment value. One former staff member recalls when a girl punched her best friend after being rejected by the judges.

x factor

The podcast also exposes the harsh criticism of some contestants from the show’s co-creator and lead judge, Simon Cowell, who often commented on their appearance and weight. One former hopeful, Sarah Lowe, says that Cowell’s remarks shattered her self-confidence and wished the producers had intervened and warned her before firing her. She says that she was in a “really horrible marriage” with a drug addict at the time and that she also had to deal with her father’s illness.

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Another former contestant, Jahmene Douglas, who was the runner-up in 2012, says that he felt exploited and manipulated by the show and received no aftercare or support from the producers. He says he was pressured to sign a contract at 3 am at a kitchen table and had no control over his image or music. He also says that he was told to dampen his eyes before going on stage, so he looked like he had been crying.

The podcast also features interviews with former judges, such as Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne, who reveal backstage drama and rivalry among the panel. They also admit that they sometimes disagreed with Cowell’s decisions and had to balance their honesty and empathy for the contestants.

And the winner is…

Sam Bailey entered The X Factor in 2013.

“I wanted a new kitchen,” she says. “I figured if I go on the X Factor I’ll be able to get more money when I sing up at the Dog and Duck.”

The audience loved her voice and her story – a working mum holding down a job as a prison officer while pursuing her dream of being a professional singer.

But what happens when you win one of the biggest shows in the world?

 X Factor

The X Factor was one of the UK’s most successful and influential talent shows, attracting millions of viewers and producing many chart-topping artists, such as One Direction, Little Mix, Leona Lewis, and James Arthur. However, the show was criticized for its sensationalism, exploitation, and lack of originality. The show was canceled in 2018 after its ratings declined and its relevance faded.

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